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Boot last sizes

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This this thread ( the following was posted:



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Edit: and just so we don;t get into a whole thing about what is 'narrow' and the importance of 95 or any other number - check here:


"A study of the relationshsip between footsize and boot size in the Canadian Forces" ...,, goto page 5 for a study chart of barefoot Length VS Width - you'll see 95 is hardly on the low side of a general population...


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure that data is meaningful to boot sizes.  I was under the impression that a 98mm last boot was only 98mm in a reference size.  If you are smaller or larger than the reference size, the last isn't actually 98mm anymore.  Which would mean that narrower boots than 98mm do exist, just primarily in smaller boot sizes (excepting race boots).  I thought that's what I'd read on multiple occasions.  Am I wrong?  I'm honestly curious to know.

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I think you are correct- IIRC my "98 mm" Lange boots have 106 mm last as I wear a size 30.  I think 26 mondo might be the reference size, so +/- 2mm for each size you are off the reference size??

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good point - certainly there is a 'reference' around which other sizes are adjusted, but how much adjustment and what the reference is, is not clear; nor seemingly easy or attainable at all...

not to infer MEfree30 is wrong - more that we don't know - but expecting a '98' from some reference avg adult male size to go out to '106' in a large size (30) seems a bit extreme adjustment.

...don;t know...


but I do know that when I get into my '28' from the manu. listed '98' last, I have at least 5 mm of adjustment make...

considering that many of us are paying $600 to over $1000, you'd think that knowing the real dims of any boot design, for each shell size, might be part of the money. For some it's not a consideration, but it might be for some... If someone goes to the trouble of actually measuring out their foot dims in an effort to get as close a match as possible, then why not expect that info for something you paying $100s for...


just sayin... rolleyes.gif

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The one thing I notice from that study is that females seem to be more likely to choose 'too wide' boots over 'too narrow' than men are.  (Fig. 4)

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The numbers I was quoting are what I recall when I went to get fitted by Jeff Bergeron in Breck a few years back.  He told me one of my feet was 105 mm and the other 110.  


It seemed as if he had some reference material that listed the sizes boots came in (important for me as not all models come in a 30), the various lasts and possible some other dimensions.  I am not sure what he was referencing, but he did look at something- possibly a guide from each manufacturer, but I am not sure.

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