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Originally Posted by L&AirC View Post


Aren't you an Artist? biggrin.gif


yes .......  (hangs head in shame)

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Well, I registered for the L2 mock exam next week but it's full!  So now my choices are....BUMPS!  That simplifies things....



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Well, actually it makes it more expensive.  I now have to travel to Sunday River and spend money on gas and lodging.  The mock exam was more local.


Of course, I could always bag the whole thing.



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Enjoy those bumps.  How many weeks are there between the bump clinic at Sunday River and the Exam at Waterville Valley?

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About 2 1/2.  Enough time?



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JaneB, try answering these questions.  Maybe the answers will reveal whether you're ready or not.


1.  How are you skiing mature bumps on blue terrain now, before you go to the bump clinic?  What type of line do you prefer?  

2.  Can you do pivot slips without traveling left or right on groomed blue terrain?  Are you pretty good at keeping your hips and shoulders facing downhill as you do them?  I know this is not a Level II task, but how you do pivot slips may diagnose how well you can do some Level II tasks.

3.  What happens when you do short radius turns on groomed black terrain when it's icy, and when it's mashed potatoes? At WVille Valley you may well encounter both in March.  You'll be expected to maintain a constant, slowish speed while doing SRTs.

4.  How do you handle your feet during a wedge christie, as the feet move from parallel to wedge and back again?

5.  When you skate downhill on beginner terrain, how do you make your skis grip the snow?  Do your skis slide out to the side even one little bit?  If you were in a drag race with another skier beside you doing this task, what would you do to make sure you'd win?

6.  Have any of your trainers told you that you bank your turns, or lean in, or drop your inside hand or shoulder, or that you rotate into your turns? It's hard to know if you are doing this on your own; trainers are often needed to let a skier know.  If you are not banking, leaning in, or rotating into your turns, what do you do instead?  How would you describe that movement pattern that you are using?

7.  RR tracks... can you do this, leaving two equi-distant pencil-thin lines in the snow, on beginner terrain?  If yes, then if you are asked to do RR tracks a long distance rather than a short distance, and encouraged to gain some speed on that beginner terrain, how would you describe the movement pattern you'd use to maintain your balance?

8.  Have you been told by your trainers that you get aft, or in the back seat?  If not, or if yes and you are working on it, how would you describe what you do to maintain balance that is not aft during a turn?

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My advise is to prep and clinic as much as you can untill a week prior to the exam. At that point get some great tunes and just ski and remember why you love the sport. The worst thing you can do is overthink the skiing exam by trying to remember to do 6 things. Even worse is to remind yourself not to do things. If you have not got it by the time you do the exam, you will not get it in the last week.


I have got 2 weeks to go until my skiing tryout and have shut off the outside input. I am now just skiing every day and having fun. Today was slow music and slow skiing. Tommorrow...who knows.


Good luck on your exam.


PS - finishing a glass of wine and then on to the online exam.

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I got into the L2 prep exam when someone cancelled.  Anyway, the interesting (?) result was that no one, of ten in my group, was given a "pass".  So I guess that answers the Waterville Valley question for me.


Is this a surprise to anyone?



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Not really. In our L2 exam group, I think only 2 of 8 passed. Did they tell you that you were too far away to bother with the exam, or did they tell you specifically what to work on? Our trainers kicked my butt until the last couple of weeks before the exam. I think they just didn't want anyone to be complacent. 

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I'd like to hear what your exam prep leader suggested you work on as well.  There's a lot a skier needs to be conscious of and drill into their skiing so it becomes unconscious -- before passing this exam. You just don't know what these things are unless someone (an examiner) tells you.


Posting these things here might help others decide whether they are ready.  So many go for the exam and fail because they just don't know what movement patterns are required.  They think it's about the tasks, or just skiing well on varied terrain at speed, which it isn't about at all. 

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