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Choosing a powder ski for a big guy.

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Im 6'3" 250 and have been skiing for 3 years now, and Im looking for a ski to ride more powder and backcountry. I have been mostly sticking to park and all mountain trails untill now. Everytime the snow falls I feel like Im behind the power curve on my 183cm park skis, lol, my snowboarder buddies are having the time of their lives and Im just having to go slow and trying not to eat shit while I cut through.


I have really liked my Armada AR7's so I have been looking at two different Armada models the 192cm TST and the 195cm JJ. Im worried that the 192 TST might be a bit small, but also might be better of a all mountain kinda ski compared to the JJ on the flip side. 



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Where do you usually ski? It sounds like you want a powder ski with some resort in bound capablilities. The above skis you mentioned would be good choices. As would the Rossi Super 7. Maybe look at the K2 Darkside at 128 under foot, or the K2 Sideseth in a TT at 118 underfoot in this years model. If float is your goal go with the Pontoon. Volk also has plenty of good choices. - Shiro, Katana I demo'd the Blizzard Gunsmoke and really liked it. But I'm a light weight at 167lbs.
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I ski Tahoe (kirkwood, heavenly, N* mostly) seems like I'm at the maximum for ski's I guess, lol.

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What type of terrain are you looking to ski? Open bowls or tight trees, both? Also what is your ability? I'm 6'4 240ibs and have been quite happy with both my Head Kiss of Death and  Dynastar big dump(110 and 120 underfoot.)  Unfortunately both are last years models so it may be hard to demo but quite a few are still for sale at a deep discount.  I also liked this years Dynastar cham 127 and  Head boneshaker but was disappointed with Rossi Super 7. Another question are you planning on touring? Backcountry can be done by sled where weight is not the issue.

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Squad 7?
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Tahoe at your size =/= JJ's. ^^^^ This would work well, but a fairly non-parkish, serious ski. The Armada Magic J or Bubba is what you want. Also might look at Moment Bibby's if you want more beef than the Armadas but retain the play, ON3P's Billygoats come to mind too. 

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Definitely open for all the above, trees, open bowls, chutes, etc. Im looking for a ski for tough terrain and when it gets deep. I'd say Im a expert, but thats open for interpretation. My focus has been park but I regulary ride with advanced snowboard buds and have had zero problems keeping up on the most advanced terrain.

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You initially mentioned two Armadas that have rather different applications. As someone pointed out, the TST and similar skis have the potential to ski well for several days after the storm whereas the JJ and similar are likely to have decreasing usefulness the further from the storm day you get. That is the choice you have to make and there are several good choices in each category. Although you are big, that doesn't mean that you necessarily have to get a stiff or beefy powder ski. Personally, I'd suggest something in a medium flex in a long size. The stiffer ski will give you stability at higher speeds but a medium flex ski will be more maneuverable and easier to turn in tight spots.


Having said that, the TST is a super fun ski but yes, it might be a little soft for you. However, two medium flex skis to consider are in the one-oh-something range are the Atomic Ritual and Head Rev 105. The Nordica Patron is another great choice among the more powder oriented types. We sold a Rev 105 in 191 to a guy that is a little taller but marginally lighter than you some weeks back. He has many more years of skiing than you do and is probably a better skier. He's been back a couple of times for other things and commented how much he likes them. Although not a powder specific ski, I personally find that type of ski really good for all but the deepest days and very useful for several days afterward as well.



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