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Snowbasin Feb 6

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I have never skied Snowbasin and am going to be there Wednesday, Feb 6 skiing solo.  It would be awesome if there is anyone around to show me around the hill and make some turns with.


My girlfriend has a work commitment in Ogden that day; we are flying out from NYC Tuesday, Feb 5 and she is skiing with me from Thursday - Sunday.  We plan to hit Powder Mtn, Snowbasin, Alta and ?.

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All three sound great.  I hit with quite good snow and an exception ambassador.  We didn't ski anything radically steep but the terrain was so fine.  Steep, then level off, steep then level off.  Sweet.


Didn't go to Powder Mt.


Alta is great, but I liked Snowbird better.  Not sure why.  Either way you can't lose.


Sorry to say... I won't be there.



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Powder Mountain is tons of fun.  I like Alta better than Snowbird but like them both a lot.  I have skied everything else in the region except Brighton and Snowbasin. Are you going to make it p for the northern VT gathering this year?  Hope so.

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crank , you'll like the stuff off the John Paul lift, stay skiers left all the way down, hike up I think it is No Name peak after skiing down from the small gondola that goes from the top of John Paul lift, that area is huge and the runs go on and on.

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