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Scream10 Pilot

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Ski Make:
Ski Model:2001\2002 Scream 10 Pilot
Ski Length:180
Snow Conditions Used In:moderate steep hardpack, medium bumps, junky steeps, groomers, half pipe, terrain park
Number of Days Used:2
Your Ability:8+
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:22
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:100+
Other Skis You Like:Atomic 11.20 & 10.20, K2 Mod X
Your Height/Weight:5' 10" 180lb
Comments: Nice smooth ski, on the stiff side and is a powerful turner when in the sweet spot, strong tail power, excellent hardpack grip, feels lightish but solid (mod x is lighter) (atomic 11.20 feels "hollow") under foot, carves edge to edge smoothly, nice tip flex for the bumps, likes to carve with high edge angles and can handle speed, finishes turns strongly and requires good technique to initiate the new turn, soaks up irregularities in the snow at speed easily. Busts crud nicely for a strong skier.

Cons: Could be a little stiff for light weights, will throw back seat skiers easily, likes to be powered, requires good strong dynamic leg action in short swing turns down the fall line. Requires good dynamic balance\pressure control in crud and sun affected pow. Likes to be on edge and will "chatter" if CM is not moving smoothly.

Summary: A strong ski and quick edge to edge for its dimensions. This ski requires work but will reward good technique with a very stable platform. A little stiff for the pipe.

Other skis this month.

K2 Mod X - Skied two weeks; Nice lightweight and smooth ski. Easy to ski and likes a more gentle application of pressure and steering. Feels smooth and likes to carve with extended legs. A little light for me but an excellent forgiving ski.

Atomic 11.20 - Skied two weeks: Excellent all mountain ski. Confident turner with excellent edge hold at speed. Easy turn initiation. Not as arcy as I would like. Between the Mod X and the Scream 10 in power and stiffness. A little more forgiving in the crud and junky stuff than the Scream 10.

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Excellent review on the Scream 10. One of my shortlisted skis for purchase this year. Your review puts it firmly in my territory. (I am looking at moving from GS race skis as all-mtn skis to specialty all-mtn skis this year, but need a good stiff, demanding ski).

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LOL! Thats probably why I had so much trouble on a pair of 192's one cold morning in Aviemore last year then.
It was longer than a couple of the trails...
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Skied them some more today. Excellent hardpack ski. The tail kick is controllable and the ski holds the finishing arc well if you like to work the whole foot through the turn. Nice strong ski for table tops air. Steep hardpack no worries and they feel light doing hop turns down steep.

Carves a hoot!

Disclaimer: I am yet to get them into pow or steep crud. They could be a handfull in heat set up afternoon pow\crud\crust. Although the 70mm waist should slice through nicely.

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How do you find the length, I am 160lb and can't decide whether the 170 or 180 is right.170 just seems kinda short for a powder/off piste ski. Would the Bandit XX in 177 do the whole off piste back country thing better for my size?.
Any input gratefully received
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Yeah, Lat, that sounds like a good bet.

Whatever you get, enjoy them!

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I think the 180 would be about right. The only advantage with a 170 would be in the bumps.

I have now skied these skis for a few weeks in all conditions except deep pow and they go great. The snow is quite firm at the moment with wind blown pow in the hollows and the Scream 10 is working fine. Excellent edge hold and rebound. I have had the level 9 ski class all week and of course it has been all mountain and lots of big hardish bumps. I like the confident platform of the skis in the steep junk. The ski has a kick in the bumps so if you do lots of bumps then perhaps the scream 10 may be more of a workout than you require.

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