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Do I need new boots?

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Hi all , noob here,started skiing this year, I think I am a level 3-4 skier, skied  for ~60 hrs, and I start find the Atomic LF60 27.5 (I wear 10.5 , 6ft, 195lb ) is a tard to un-responsive and a bit wide to me, I have to crank the buckle to the second last one for it to fit properly, even that, my feet occasionally shift back and front, hence banging my toes to the boots, not to mention I could lift my ankle a bit when I put pressure on my toes.

I wonder if I should upgrade to something stiffer and narrower? or it is just normal for boots to feel like that? 



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you need a smaller volume boot.


flex is different then fit.

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Your heels will lift when you pressure your toes in most boots, but either way try something narrower and yes stiffer.  Stiffer won't help with hold but a 60 flex boot for someone weighing 195 doesn't offer anything.  Get to a fitter and buy a good boot you can move forward with.



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Thx all,


any good foot fitter in Ottawa? I got mine from T&L and got a few people complaining about their fitting.. (first time buying , took me 15 mins to buy one...)

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come for a ski trip out west and see me in banff, or Lou in calgary

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