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Beginner Skis

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First off thanks so much if you can help answer a couple of questions.


I'm buying used skis for my wife this year.  She has taken lessons once two years ago so is a definite beginner but she's game to learn and improve.  She is active and fit, 5' 1" and 100 lbs.


I was hoping someone could advise me on good skiis for her.


I'm looking at either

Rossignol Bandit 70 jr skis with bindings and poles for $50




Salomon 10T 3V skis for $60 (with "mint condition" Rossignol Sapphire boots for an extra $30).  The one thing about these skis is they have that weird plastic arrow/chevron attachment in front of the toe....what's this for ?


Anyhow....I suppose I'm also asking you to tell me the better value purchase but essentially I want to know which skis make more sense for a beginner skiier.  She has boots - we bought Rossignol Radical Jr 2s in great condition last week for her - but I'm a sucker for a good deal and could try selling one or the other....


Please advise me if you can.  


Much appreciated !


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Welcome to EpicSki!  Where is your wife likely to ski the most this season?  What length skis are you looking at?

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I'm looking at skis that are 140 in length.  We live in Ontario (Canada) so we'll likely ski locally.  Most Ontario resorts are groomed runs.  She's a beginner - at the beginning basically.


Thanks !


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Used skis of just about any sort whose turn radius is around 14 and which are shortish (140-155) should do fine. 


Beware of buying used boots.  Boots that fit poorly will not transfer her foot movements to any ski, no matter how great the ski.  Skiing in  poorly fitting boots is the equivalent of driving a car with a loose steering wheel.  


At least go to a ski shop that sells boots and have an experienced bootfitter work with her and inform her about what boots that fit feel like.    

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