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Quiver extension?

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Possibly looking to change / extend my current quiver. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with it myself, I know some of you hate the 'I don't know what I want' threads, but if anyone has got any good suggestions then please let me know.


20, 70kgs (160ish lbs I think?), 175cm, strong skier, ski 90% of the time in Europe, occasional trip to BC. Spend about 80% of the time away from pistes, do a lot of hiking for powder and a fair bit of short skinning, with some very limited experience in ski mountaineering around Chamonix. 

Here's my current quiver and boots:

120 Dalbello Vipers: Heavy boots, fit my feet like a glove, once loosened they're perfectly fine for walking and skinning in. 

183 2013 Volkl Shiro, Marker Barons: This is actually my daily driver. I was a little bit concerned about whether a 119 waisted ski could be my every day ski, but the Shiro lived up to Volkl's hype. The only stuff I wouldn't ski these skis would be on icy, almost concrete-esque groomers, they seem to destroy everything else (including all other piste conditions... moguls included). This is also my 'touring' set up, heavy as hell but I rarely need to skin longer than 1 hour.

179 2011-12 Volkl Bridge, Marker Jesters: These have been replaced by the Shiro for well... everything. The only advantage they've got on the Shiros is that they've got a shorter turn radius, but that makes them *barely* better on piste than the Shiros. I'll most likely be selling these skis.


175 2008(7?) Fischer RX9: Piste ski, these are great for all groomers, but the turn radius, their length, and their GS-heritage mean that they simply don't do short turns on groomers, which is generally fine but does pose problems on crowded pistes or on poor visibility days.


172 2011-12 Coreupt Dirty Bastards with Marker Squires: Park - I don't really ski park, but these do make rails, boxes and the odd 360 relatively easy. They're also my rock ski and my messing about in terrible conditions ski. I'd sell them if they were worth any money, but they're not really. 

So here are my current ideas / thoughts / dilemmas.

Sell the Bridges.

OR: Just sell the Jesters on the bridges, and keep the bridges for a later dynafit set up for the future - problem here being I'd not only need to buy new bindings but also get myself a pair of touring boots - quite an expensive option, although I suppose that I won't be getting into day tours for quite a while yet.

Sell the RX9s: I'm not sure whether this would be wise, I doubt I'd get more than about 250 euros for them (and they were worth about 800), but I do think that something that is quicker to turn when the need arises would be great (I'm not talking about turn radius, the RX9s *hate* being skied outside of their turn radius).

I feel that I should have something that makes groomers fun. Yesterday was the first day in five years that I spent a whole day on hardpack, hardpack that didn't turn into slush all day and stayed very much solid. I skied it with shiros. Let's just say that it wasn't ideal.
I also find myself skiing early winter storms, with poor visibility, restricting me to skiing very variable piste conditions if I can't find some trees. Quite obviously if I can find trees then I'll be happy on my Shiros, but if I can't, then the fact that I can't just open up due to not being able to see more than 10-15m ahead will make the Shiros less than happy, so a ski with a reasonably short turn radius would come in handy (Shiros are 26m and the Bridges 21).

So, would it make sense to sell the RX9s and the Bridges, and try to get my hands on something of a camber / tip rocker combination, relatively stiff, high 80s waist and a medium turn radius (thinking 16-19)  - I suppose the sort of ski a lot of epic users would term an East coast ski?



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Sell Bridges and RX9s and get some Kastle FX94s?
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