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Salomon Xmax 120 vs 130

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Hi everyone, just to say this forum is an excellent resource, although its my first post I've used for some time.


I'm going to purchase the Salomon Xmax boot and my decision is around the 120 vs 130 and also fit.


Stiffness aside (i'm 6 foot, ski very hard on piste so happy with 130) my trouble has been around the removable toe / heel plates. I'm very precious of my boots and want them to last so I wanted to  know my options (in Europe for the season) for the 130. Salomon list in the technical spec 'flat base for FIS lifter' I wanted to know what that was and what it does! Can I put something replaceable on the bottom without grinding the tow / heal connections to DIN standard? Also I heard of clip on items you can use to protect your heels but never seen them in Europe - any brand names?


Lastly i'm just between a 27.5 & 28 - 27.5 is my 'normal' fit. So with advice on sizing down i'm thinking of the 27 - or should I be looking at the 26.5 as that's the next shell size down (following advice that its better to start small and custom up)


In terms of history, I have a pretty normal foot, never had footbeds or any customisation in the past - used the Rossignol Course EX boots for 10 years then the technica diablo - but found the latter to wear very quickly hence concern about getting this right. I do now have molded custom in soles (as I was trying to 'fix' the Diablo)


My issue is , I've not found a store with the 26/26.5 shell in stock to do a test yet


I will do a shell test with the 27.5 and report back on the gaps also.


So questions are -


1. 120 vs 130 - any feedback / concerns

2. 130 anything I can do to protect the heel plate if I go with it

3. Fit - is going from 27.75! to a 27 enough or should I be thinking 26.5

4. Lastly I don't know of a specialist boot doc near to me, the guys in store are trained with the Salomon heating process etc but they are normal Ski Techs i'm not 100% of any other customisation etc.


Thanks very much, apologies for the long post.


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luke where are you?


i measure close on 29 and the 27/27.5 shell is just fine for me, it is all about shell check and that boot runs really long


the 130 can have a lifter plate put on it and the sole lugs milled back to DIN but you need  a shop that can do it, most do not have the tools

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Hi CEM, thanks for the speedy reply! I'm over in Alpe D'Huez at the minute but UK based normally.


Update - I just tried the 27.5 the local store have for a shell fit. Its the first time I've done this, hopefully I got it right! I pushed my big toe up against the end (with the boot totally undone) and then slid my hand down the back of the boot, I could just get two fingers behind the heel (one on top of the other if that makes sense - not side by side) I make that about 23-25mm - the guy there seemed to think that's fine, but reading here too much!


I then tried to position my foot in the middle of the boot - and it was just touching on both sides of my foot. I'm looking to order the boots online, and the 26.5 is available, i'd just need to take it to the same store to get the heat treatment done (cheeky!)


On the lifter plate, is that something I could get done when back in the UK - i.e. does that have to be done on a brand new boot or could I use it, then fit later to protect the base? Or am I being totally overkill - I want the boot to last but really this season I have 5 weeks left then back to a fortnight a year, but I don't want to destroy a boot just by walking on it.


I've never had boot pain in the past, and ski hard so want a good fit and a boot that will last.


I've waffled again - so


1. I have 23-25mm behind the heel with big toe up against the front of the boot

2. I am touching both sides of the 27/27.5 shell with foot 'central'

3. Can I fit the plate later if I wear the boot a bit / wear the heals walking


Appreciate all the help, this is a big purchase for me!

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23-25mm too big for a decent fit, was the toe just tickling the front or pushed up against it, if you wer jammed in it may eb 15mm when just brushing but unlikely

boots can be made wider, the custom shell can expand just with the moulding process by 3mm each side

plates can be fitted after use, wear cat tracks any time you walk until you have them plated

in the UK there are 2 places who can fit the lifters, either myself or Alain Baxter sports in Stirling... Surefoot in London claim to have a router but i was told that they never use it

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Thanks again CEM! Had a browse on your website, i'll  be in touch for sure if I need owt when back in the UK.


I think with all this info i'll look for a 26.5 130, unfortunately the website with the good prices only goes down to 27 in the 130 but 26.5 in the 120, so it may need to be the 120 anyway, which has removable plates etc.


I'll do some hunting and shout if I need anything else - thanks again.

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Sorry just saw the question in your thread! toe was pushed up against, not rammed solid but a bit more than a brush! plus the fingers were slightly compressed behind heel to get them in - but not wedged. so I think 20mm min

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Just to reply in case anyone else is pondering sizing's. I'm definitely between a 27.5 and 28 'offically', and bought a 26.5 Xmax 130.


It was tight when I first tried it on, skied a couple of days and worried about toes near to the end, and a little tight around the 'knuckle' of the big toe. A bit of skiing lessened that feeling then had the heat treatment and Volia the boots fit amazingly well - i'm very happy with my purchase aided by all the advice on this forum in particular CEM! so thanks all.


Great boot! The feeling and control are amazing when pushed hard.

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