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Help me pick appropriate skis

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I am a new skier. To the point I am skiing most weekends this season and in previous seasons I have skied much less. I just started hitting the double blacks this year.

Since I wasn't skiing much before I bought some cheap skis on eBay salomon axendo 7's. I've used them 6 time this year but feel like I want a newer ski.

I ski in the poconos and may do a Vermont trip this year. I don't see myself doing much more than that. I want to ski east coast trails fast and hit park stuff too. I'm 34 not getting younger 6' 185 lbs

What should I be looking into?
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It sounds to me like you're split between two categories of skis. You're either in the market for an all mountain freeride ski, or a twin tip. Ultimately, this choice comes down to how much time you think you'll spend in the terrain park, and if you plan to be skiing backwards much.


If hitting park stuff means you typically hit the jumps and land forwards (ie. straight airs, 360's, backflips), then a solid freeride ski would be a good choice for you. Right off the bat, I'm thinking of the Volkl Kendo. This ski has two layers of metal in it so it's capable of cruising groomers at high speeds and holding an edge. Plus, the 2013 model has early rise in the tip so initiating turns is a breeze. In terms of the terrain park, this ski will be able to take more of a beating than your average all mountain groomer ski. 


If you plan on doing much switch skiing (backwards), then you'll definitely want a twin tip ski. The tradeoff here is that not as many twin tip skis feature layers of metal, so you'll find them to be slightly less stable when you really start pushing your limits. That said, twin tip skis hold their own on groomers these days, and I don't think you'll be let down by their ability to ski on most terrain. If you think a twin tip might be the way to go, I have two suggestions. First is the Volkl Bridge, which is 95mm underfoot and features a full rocker design. This ski is stiffer than average for a park ski, and can definitely hold it's own all over the hill. The second suggestion would be the Rossignol S3 Ski. These skis are a little wider, measuring in at 98mm underfoot. They also are slightly stiffer than average, but feature a 50/50 Camber/Rocker profile. This gives them the edge on the Bridge in terms of trail riding, because you'll be able to hold an edge a bit better with that camber. Other than that difference, these skis are similar.


Really your choice is going to come down to whether or not you'll need a twin tip. Non twin tip skis are typically going to be a bit stiffer and more capable in high speed, chattery situations. In the park however, you'll find them limiting. Likewise, a twin tip ski will excel in the terrain park, but might feel insufficient when you're really pushing your limits on the trails.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot me a private message and we'll try to figure it out! Good Luck!


Matt @ Skiessentials.com

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