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Salomon 912Ps Binding

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I have read a few reviews on the Salomon 912Ps binding. The reviews indicated that this binding has an early release problem. It was also suggested to max out the din setting.

Does anyone have an opinion on the Salomon 912PS binding? I just purchased a set and put had them installed on a new pair of Bandit X's.

Feedback is greatly apprecaited since I leave for Heavenly in less than 48 hours.

Paul :
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I have never had any trouble with my sallie bindings, and i have a little experience with them. I have enver skied that model but i own the poweraxe model that is just before and just after that binding as fara s performance is concerned. I have never had them prerelease on me, although i have lost skis while im skiing on my xscreams, but that was a result of the din being too low i think. Salomon makes great bindings, i have never had any trouble with them. Have fun in lake tahoe, I loved it there.

ps. one thing, why not rossi bindings?? makes no difference really - my guess is the salomons were cheaper...??
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If the binding is not installed properly you can experience pre-release problems.
The toe wing adjustment comes out of the box cranked all the way in, which will pinch the boot too tightly and not let the end butt up to end of the toe piece( if that makes sense).
All certified mechanics should now this and aways adjust this anyways.If it is not done and the binding is not torque tested ther will release when you sneeze to hard.
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My 20 y.o. son has two pair of 912 Ti's on a pair of Line Skogens & a pair of Pocket Rockets. He should be at DIN 8 but skis both at DIN 7. He skis crud & moguls extremely fast & never has had a prerelease problem. He also uses the skis in half-pipes & the terrain park where I've seen him land 900s, backflip 180s & 360s, etc. with no problem with the bindings.

Snowplows point is very important. The 912 toe requires more adjustment than your normal shop personnel are used to. If they are not set properly and if the forward pressure from the heel piece is not proper they will prerelease.

Another point with 912s is egos. When I've watched the kids in the parks most are on Salomons or Look/Rossis. It is amazing how many times some of those guys blow a ski while falling then get up & blame the binding. I've seen a couple of my son's friends destroy their knees cranking down the bindings because their egos got in their way.
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Snowplows point is very good, i forgot about the wing adjustment factor. If you weigh a lot you may find that they losen up when you are using a lot of edge angulation. If they are too lose you will feel it (because if you move your foot side to side you can feel your boot slip in the toe, of move sideways in a carve and if they are too tight you will notice it as well because the wings wont wrap around your boot properly. DEffinitly dont max out your din setting unless you absolutely need it (read that as 200# expert skier).
keep an eye on yer wings, if you dont weight much or put much pressure ont he ski in the turn i woudlnt worry about them though.
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Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen. Based upon your insight, I'll shelve those earlier posts.

I do trust that the ski shop properly installed the bindings, since they have been selling and installing Salomon bindings for several years.

The reason for the Salomon's over the Rossi's, is the shop didn't carry them. The Rossi bindings are not as readily available in the Midwest.

Thanks again.

Paul [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've been skiing the 912 Pe and my wife has been skiing the 912 Ps for about a year. I've never observed any problems that I can attribute to the binding. I've even had them on ice/chattery slalom courses and my wife has had them on GS courses and both of us are on the chart DIN setting. Don't worry about it and have fun. If you can, get over to Kirkwood while you are in South Lake. Unless you have a car, then consider Squaw, Alpine Meadows, or Sugar Bowl.
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