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avoiding cuts in the hem of pants

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So a question here: how in the world do the small cuts in the hem of the pants come from? How do they reproduce? What do they eat? What are their narural predators?

Seriously, this is quite annoying :/

Just managed to get one in the cordura reinforcement of my new ski pant (old one was also "personalized". I dont recall falling or doing anythin to cause the cut, so I dont know how to avoid or prevent the problem
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feed 'em duct tape and it will stunt their growthsmile.gif

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3 Years ago I purchased pants from a manufacturer that specialized in snowboard equipment. Not realizing the difference, I didn't notice the lack of reinforcement on the inside near the boot. I found that my ski edges sliced little cuts in the material, which grew into longer slices. Eventually my ski brake would get caught in the slices, locking my legs together.  Needless to say, it wasn't fun.  I had a neighbor sew a thick patch of cordura on the inside legs, which solved the problem.

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go to home depot and get some duct tape... there is no way to avoid the cuts afaik, they will come eventually if you put your skis on edge!


I have duct tape on mine and they survive the wash machine... eventually if it becomes to much on your pants depending on the manufacturer they will take back and fix for your for a small fee!

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For a cut I got in my jacket, I went to REI and found this:




Yes it's about a gajillion times more expensive by length than duct tape, but it looked cool, I only needed a little of it,  and I was drawn in by the marketing that says it's better.  It comes in lots of colors including clear.

One tip they did say for this was to round off the edges of your patch so it will not detach as easily.  Basically make your patches resemble a bandaid.   You can use this tip for duct tap too. 

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Seam Grip

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Yeah, well, for the damage control I used in the past goretex patches. They seem ok in washing and there is also the recommendation to round the edges. Although it is said to be temporary for me its quite permanent.

For the current cut in the cordura fabric not sure what to put... duct tape maybe

What is frustrating is that never you are in the mountain and say "gee think I just punctured my damn expensive ski pants"... its always after a day or two you go dust your pants and you see the little bastards there looking at you with their cut faces, so you cant really prevent or be more careful or something
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