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Jackson Hole: Where to Stay

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I read the resort guide and it answered my other questions for the most part.  Thanks very much for that. 


I still wanted to ask about where to stay.  It is just me and one college buddy.  Looking for cheap and location over anything else.  Would like to walk to the lifts if possible, but shuttle is negotiable.  Hotel style - no kitchen or anything needed.  Dive-ish places are fine if there are any.  Old does not mean bad to us. 



In case it matters - if you are an expert skier in good shape and it is a storm day, what do you ski?  I mean in Mammoth (my "home" mountain) there is an area of the resort called Lincoln Mountain.  It has the lift running up a south-east face so they can run it in all but the nastiest storms.  The North Face has steep chutes that collect powder in bottomless trenches and the east / southeast is covered in trees to help with visibility and is not getting whipped by wind. 


Are there areas that you ski different at Jackson based on conditions / time of year, or does the same apply to all days there. 

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They have a Motel 6...........I stay at the on in Mammoth when I go there.....


There not bad rooms just small. 

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There is a Hostel type place at the mountain. A little googling should find it.


There are numerous inexpensive motels in the town of Jackson ten miles away if you don't mind bus or driving to the mountain. I have stayesd at the 49'er.

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I'd second the hostel if you're purely looking for a place that's easy on your wallet. I've looked into it and you can also get your own room there if you don't like sharing with others. Should be good for meeting new people there.


Stayin in the town of Jackson is another option, a bit more expensive though. You will sacrifice location though, but it's easy enough to get into town I'm sure.

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