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There is nothing quite so frustrating as not even making it out of the garage on a powder day.


Heading out to Copper to partake of some powder - wrenched the back getting the ski gear loaded - have spend the day on the sofa with Advil and a heating pad.  frown.gif

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A few years ago I tweaked my back more than a little booting up in the parking loteek.gifredface.gif


I hobbled on in and skied for a couple hours, but was in quite a bit of pain for several weeks afterwards..

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Booting up in the parking lot can be about as frustrating as anything I regularily experience, especially when the wife and kids are with...

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I can definitely relate, but I'll also say that it's been to know when to pack it in and live to fight another day, rather than to say "I already drove here, I may as well just do it", and either further injure yourself or just have a miserable time anyhow.

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last year I tweaked my back lifting a 5 gallon water jug after a full ski day.  Pow day next day, had to ski, back felt really loose all day and good after 6 advil and muscle rub and then I could barely walk for 5 days afterwards. 

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Back when I lived in NJ, I was crashing on my brother's couch in his overheated roachy apartment for a ski trip the next day.  I woke up in the middle of the night half hallucinating from sleep and out-of-control heat when I felt something on my foot.  I spazzed out and kicked hard right into the coffee table...woke up with a cut, bruised and swollen foot.  I downed a bunch of ibuprofen and marched on, but you can imagine what that felt like sliding into a ski boot.

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I can't walk much after my injury but I can ski.biggrin.gif

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I had the perfect injury at xmas when it was dumping around here--separated a rib.  I could ski but I couldn't shovel snow.

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