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Big Stix 106 / Linken binders

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Finally got em on snow!

Ski Make:Fischer
Ski Model:Big Stix 106
Ski Length:190
Snow Conditions Used In:6" fresh on top of 4" crud, chopped/crud by end of day
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability [img]tongue.gif[/img]retty good
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:30
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:80
Other Skis You Like:Volkl G41
Your Height/Weight:6'2, 230

Skiied with Linken tele bindings.

These things rock in pow! Float effortlessly, turn quickly, much better in pow than the G41's. Really an amazing ski in the untracked. They float like a dream and make 4" fresh ski bottomless. Didnt jump much, maybe 5', but they handle the landing and speed easily. Once the snow gets cut up, the story changes, they get kicked around by the crud and deflect easily. The G41 is a much more stable and predictable ski in the crud, but if there is new snow, I'll be on the Fischers in the morning at least!

The Linkens ROCK!! They give amazing control, freakish stability, and phenomenal power transfer.

One funny thing about this set up is it really gets the conversation going when riding the singles line!
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Rainey Hammerhead bindings
5'7, 170lbs
avg 80 days a year
other skis: Rossi xxx G3 bindings, Atomic 10ex Rainey Superloops, Atomic Sugardaddy(alpine bindings)

I took out the 106's today. Almost two feet @ Squaw, light on top, heavy at the bottom. Perfect Sierra cement. These skis made it almost too easy. They turn in the powder like carving skis on a groomer. Anything fresh and I'll be taking these out.

I also used them for some cat skiing in Oregon last week. Conditions were fresh wind buff to spring like in the sun. They also performed very well in those conditions. Anything smooth and wide open and you can let these skis ride as fast as you want. I was cranking five turns where others in the group were doing thirty.

In the last month that I have been skiing these skis, I have only noticed one problem. Any chunky crud and these skis get bounced around. Like Ridgehiker said above, these skis are better off in the fresh.
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