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Boot flex for Junior. (need opinions ASAP)

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My DD is a u-12 Racer. By old standards, she would be a 1st year j4 this year.  She is 5'2", 85 lbs and has a 255 boot (it might be a little big).  I never skied growing up and I love a deal, so I stubbled upon Tecnica Attiva Pro women's race boot with a flex of 100.  I bought them thinking I was doing her a favor.  Last year, she skied effortlessly.  She looked so graceful and she did very well in racing.  I was amazed at how well she did because she never looked aggressive, but she put up some really good times..I guess her technique was strong.  Well, this year, she has been looking more tentative to me.  I thought it was because she was on longer skis this year.  After the first race of the season, she was disappointed because she felt she didn't ski as well as she could have.  I started to question all possibilities and when I spoke with her coach, he asked what boot she is skiing.  When I told him the boot, the thought it was WAY too much boot for her and that at her weight, she should be on a softer flex.  She tells me she can flex them, but I don't think she can flex them as much as she needs to.  


So, I called the boot fitter to see if he could help me fix my mistake (I bought boots online..never again). he said that he should be able to soften the flex.  I looked up the boot she was on last year..just a Dalbello Menace 4 buckle and saw the flex was only 40!!! EEEEK, no wonder she is more awkward and upright this year.  She has a race on Saturday morning and I can't get up to the mountain until tomorrow afternoon.  So, do you think her boot fitter will be able to get her enough flex in that Technica boot or should I just look at buying a new Jr Race boot for her race Saturday? He has the Nordica Dobermans in her size and I think they have a 70/75 flex rating. I might see if she can squeeze into her boot from last year, but I think it might be too small.  Thanks in advance..

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My recommendation it to go to the bootfitter with everything you have (last years and this years boots) and sort it out with the fitter.  Be prepared to buy new and to give her an opportunity to ski them before the race.


Everything isn't always possible but the above would be prefered.   My daughter is very close to your daughter's size (though older) and is skiing that boot and loves it. 


Happy hunting.



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100 does sound very stiff. My daughter U10 outweighs yours by about 15 pounds and we needed to soften her Lange 70s a bit. You also need to make sure that she is setup in a position from which she has the leverage to flex the boots. If she is too upright it won't matter how stiff or soft they are. She must have quite skinny legs. Booster straps and spoilers may be of some use here.

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interesting you say that because she looks more upright than she used to.   That is why she looks almost rigid/tentative to me and she used to look more relaxed.   She does have skinny legs.  The boots have a rear spoiler and booster strap and it seems they are designed for a long, thin leg because they aren't too loose.  Here is the tricky bit.  She has had success in "fun races" - Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge and Nastar competing against kids on her race team, but I don't know if those would be considered technically challenging like the USSA course this weekend.   I don't want to make too many changes if she just had an off day, but just watching her training, something has seemed "off" with her..

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Where was she racing?

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I'm going to assume the boot is the right size. 


The boot may have a screw in the cuff that can be removed to soften the boots.  How much I don't know.  Second, other things can be done to soften boots but those are not reverse-able.


Ask in the BOOT GUYS forum and include a picture of the boots and the back of the boot.  They'll be better able to guide you.


BTW my daughter is 11 and wt is 100lbs (extremely fit) and I think the boot is a little to stiff.

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For a U12 that size, I'd start with a proper Jr race boot in a 70 flex, brand is unimportant as long as it fits properly. A 100 flex boot is way too much and you can only soften it so much before you take away the rebound. The Jr race boot will also have the proper forward lean.

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I had already removed the plugs in the back for more flex, but I think a little trim might be in order.  THAT, i will leave to the pros :)

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got Nordica Doberman 70 and after a couple of runs, my little skier is back!  We had a race today (slalom) on a steeper pitch than normal, but she looked comfortable and at ease

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My son is a young U12 (just missed the 10 year old cut), 4'8", 70 lbs, uses a Rossi junior racing boot with a 70 flex, and his coach says he shouldn't go with anything stiffer for a while. You did right. 

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Glad you got things worked out.  Might be best to leave the gear recommendations and technique evaluation to her coach,

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Originally Posted by oldgoat View Post

Glad you got things worked out.  Might be best to leave the gear recommendations and technique evaluation to her coach

well, that is a separate issue.  

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