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Liners SHOT! Looking for Intuition advice

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I have a pair of tecnica dragon 100 boots I purchased a few years ago at Larry's bootfitting in boulder. When I purchased them I was wearing my boots to work 4 days a week, so the shell is about a half size bigger than a full on performance fit would be, However I have never had issues with my feet being loose in the boot, but they could be tighter. The main problem I have with the liner right now is that the cuff is completely packed out. I have to crank the top buckles all the way up to the 4th buckle, they were tight at the 2nd when I first bought them. Also I have had terrible shin bang in them every time I go in the park. The boots are also not as stiff as I would like them to be, maybe thats from the liners wearing out, or that my skiing has improved and I am flexing the boot much harder than I did before. 

I am looking at the intuition powerwrap liners as they are their stiffest liner. Will this stiffness actually increase the force I can put on a ski, or will they just make the boot feel stiffer?

Which volume should I go for, my boots fit well, but now that I only wear them while skiing it wouldn't hurt to have a little more space taken out of them. 


Info, 190 lbs, 5'11", level 8? (advanced) 

I ski everything, groomers with gs sticks, bumps, park, and powder if it ever shows up. I am charging most of the time when I do get to ski, which is only 1-2 times a week due to school and a "real" job on the mountain. 

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sounds like you need a smaller/stiffer boot really?

but if you get intuitions get the HV to fill up some of that extra room between the shell and the foot.  


Best to call intuition,  they are VERY helpful over the phone


and follow this


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Yeah I really could use a smaller stiffer boot, this is a great park boot and an okay all mountain boot, but they cant hold up to ripping groomers, or running beer league gs courses. However, I don't have the cash for another boot right now, I'm a college kid and i'm in the middle of building a snowmobile that's missing a pile of parts, so my cash will be spent on that project so we can take sleds out and get to some actual powder, groomers get old... Anyway thanks for the tips! I'll definitely give intuition a call. I don't really care for the owner of the shop we have in town, but he is the only one within 100 miles that can do a good fit... I'm just afraid of what he will sock me for a liner...

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