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Vertigo Motion length?

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I skied that ski last year at 177. I also took a pair of 170's through Highland Bowl. (That's a long story.) Both the 170 and 177 are fine off piste, but the 177's are a little sluggish in tight Eastern moguls. I'm about your size, and my 177's are fine but, based on my one off piste experience with the 170's, I think I would have preferred the shorter ski, at least in the East.


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Sounds to me like the shop guy was giving your friend a sales pitch as far as the Pilots are concerned. Regarding your question on the Vertigo Motions, I'm 6'1", 205 lbs, and I bought a pair of 184's. Later tried a pair of the same ski in a 177, and thought that they would be okay for me. At your height and weight, you could probably go with either the 170 or 177 depending on what you want to use them for. Best way to know is to try them both, but if that's not an option, think of what you're going to be using them for the most. Obviously, if you're going to ski a lot of bumps, go shorter, although I wouldn't recommend that ski for bumps because of durability issues. If you're going to ski mostly in the West, you might want to go longer. If I had to make a snap judgement, I'd probably go with the 177. You're not that much lighter in weight than I am, and I find a 170 is usually too short for me in anything other than a slalom ski. The Vertigo Motion is a midfat, and I assume that you're getting that type of ski because you want to ski in ungroomed conditions at least some of the time. Going too short in a ski that was designed for off piste will negate some of the advantage of extra floatation that you bought the ski for in the first place.
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I'm pretty much your size, and I too would get the 177.
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Vertigo Motion length?

Just before you all head for the beach...some advice please.I'm just about to buy a pair of Vertigo Motions at a great sale price,the problem is i'm unsure of the length to go with.I'm 5'11" and 192lbs.
The guy in the shop suggested either 177 or longer, the problem is he also advised a friend of mine ( who's 6ft ,similar weight) to buy a pair of Scream Pilot 10 in a 170 length,saying that the pilot system gives you the feeling of an extra 10cm underfoot!Now i'm a little confused.Should i go shorter?
Any thoughts would be most welcome.
Many thanks,
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Thanks for the advice, i went ahead and got a great deal on the 177's.Its just seems like an awful long time before i get to ski them!I'm chuffed,although my friend is just totally confused about the 170 Pilot 10's, any thoughts?
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Like I mentioned before, I'm only about ten lbs. heavier than your friend, and I have a pair of the Crossmax 10 Pilots that I ski in a 185. I've also skied the Scream Pilot 10 in a 180, and personally I wouldn't go any shorter than that for some body of that height and weight.
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I'm the same size as you, I have G3's in 177cm and love them, have Atomic 10.20 widebodys from 5 years ago and love them. I have demoed the Pilot 10's and found the 180 to be a slug. The 170 was a blast to ski. I have demoed the Cross Max 10, the 170 was no fun felt like a noddle, the 180 was fun but not a Volkl G3. So different skis need to be skied in different lenghts. I have also fond that long SL skis and short GS skis make good all mountain skis too.

You made the right choice, Don't worry your going to have a blast...
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Thanks Smithby,i'll pass the message on about the Pilot 10's.With regards to the 177 Motions,i think sometimes even if you 'think' you know what you want, its good to hear it confirmed by others.
Cheers !
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You are welcome. I know what you mean, it's a big investment, to find out you bought the wrong lenght. This site is a great help to a lot of people.

Glad I could of help to you.
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