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KISS for resort websites

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"What's the best resort for me, I'm a [insert skier type]" is a common question that's asked by people who don't know a mtn. Slopefillers postulate changing websites along these lines. What do you think?

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I don't like that idea at all.  When I look at a ski resort website, the things I am looking for most often are:


1) trail map (and not the tiny interactive one that doesn't zoom out to full screen)

2) mountain stats: vertical, acres, #lifts and types of lifts, base and peak elevations, continuous vertical per chair

3) snow report- the actual one, not a bunch of garbage where 10 different resorts simultaneously claim to have the most snow for the year.

4) lift ticket prices.  An explanation of why they are so darn expensive would be nice as well.

5) exact location.  I need to know if I need a 4x4 to get there.


That's pretty much it.  

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I don't like it, either.  I want to manipulate the website, not have it manipulate me into some category.  I mean, what if I'm not sure if I want to come for the day or for a vacation?  Perhaps I'm trying to use the website to decide that.

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