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Dynastar InSpire

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Ski Make: Dynastar
Ski Model: Inspire
Ski Length: 187
Snow Conditions Used In: two inches new on hard, old snow
Number of Days Used: 3 runs
Your Ability: fair to partly good
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 40
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 20
Other Skis You Like: Dynastar BIG (yes, there does seem to be a bias here)
Your Height/Weight: 5' 9" 170 lbs.
Comments: If your "inspiration" is Jeremy Nobis straight lining a 55 degree slope in Alaska, this ski is for you. In fact, the ski is Jeremy's inspiration piece, complete with retro graphics and his signature. It's wide (119 at the tip, 89 at the wasit, and I forget the tail but it's around 120), it's stiff, and it's beefy. Skiers who like to wiggle short turns at moderate speeds should look elsewhere.

It has a cap construction in the tip and tail with sidewall construction through the midsection. Result is a race stiff ski that will let you float in the powder and chop but keep you stable at high speed GS turns on the corduroy. I loved its stability at high speed. In fact, it performs best when cranked up to overdrive. I did not like its feel at slower speeds in the trees. Turn initiation was ok, but it required too much effort to finish up the tight turns, at least for me. I was pushing the tails around as a result.

At high speeds, it was extremely stable, responding to more subtle movements and pressures. I wish I had been able to use them yesterday with the 12 inches new. I think they'll make a great BIG MOUNTAIN ski, but only for those who attack everything on the slope at top speed.
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Does the InSpire have any sort of turned up tail at all? I heard it was going to.
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Yes, the Inspire does have a turned up tail, but I didn't think it looked quite as radical as the Pocket Rocket or the Atomic Sugar Daddy.
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