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Rock hard liner just won't bed in!

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I recently bought a brand new pair of Atomic M-tech 110s, and have been wearing them around the house for some time. I deliberately wear them just a tad too tight around the house to try and bed them in a bit quicker, and as such was not bothered by the fact they were reasonably uncomfortable. However, after taking them up my local (indoor -.-) hill,  even at the correct settings recommended by the fitter they really, really hurt. After two runs. Like, a lot (don't look at me like I'm a wimp, you'll make me cry again!). They are the stock liners that came with the boots, and the bootfitter advised me that for one week a year or so having a custom liner would be uneconomical, though he did give me a custom orthotic footbed.


In short I am really happy with the boot shell, the flex feels right and it performs well, but the stock liner seems to be made of concrete or something. I understand it is supposed to be too tight at first and somewhat rigid, but it wont even compress when I take it out the boot and squeeze it with my hand, it's solid beyond a few mm of compression. This wouldn't be a major problem if I hand normalish feet, but mine are very wide with a pronounced joint at the side of my outer toes which hurts after skiing in the boots.

The fitter was a dedicated bootfitter, not a shop clerk, who specialized in ski boots and had all sorts of shiny looking machines and certificates on the wall, when trying on the shell he claimed it was a "near perfect fit", and I don't wish to replace the shell or the orthotic. What can I do to replace the liner?

I am going to Tignes soon, and if the boots are uncomfortable after half a days skiing or so (by then I will have worn them a lot more and been to the local snowdome again for a few more hours actual skiing in them) I was planning on going to Surefoot in Val D'Isere to have a liner fitted there, but ideally I would like to haave it sorted before I go away, for obvious reasons (and more economically than Surefoot, I hear they're good but have seen their prices). Also, all of Surefoot's fittings are by appointment and organizing such an appointment would be a pain in the arse given that I don't definately know I need one and would only be in the country for a week.


I am an advanced (ish) aggressive skiier who can carve well on most all groomers and likes off-piste, but the park is not for me.


Also, about the one-week-a-year thing, for the next two seasons at least (thanks to an awkwardly placed birthday) I will be skiing with my family and they like the holiday aspect over the skiing aspect. Personally I would go three times a year for the same money, maybe more without a summer holiday, but alas I do not control the purse strings. I would like to do at least one season at some point as well, potentially in these boots!

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     Wearing your boots around the house will not load the liner the way skiing does----in most cases a good liner will break in with a couple of days skiing.  Try wearing the boots without socks while skiing to see if your feet are more comfortable (the sock does take up space). the loading on your skin/foot will be reduced and the liner will have a chance to break in---then you should be able to wear a thin sock.  A dense liner will hold up longer and ski better.


     Consider having your fitter stretch the boot shell for width to remove the pressure on the bony prominences if they become too sore.



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the reason i suggested that a custom liner was not required is because you are skiing (currently) 1 week per year, for most people in this situation the stock liner is just fine, you have a wide foot, not excessively so and certainly not something that a custom liner will solve instantaniously


where are you feeling the problem? you could call me and talk you know


not a problem to either stretch the shell a little or to put a different liner in there for you, just call up soon as i am away for 4 days from saturday at a trade show and appointments are pretty tight right now


alternatively you could go to surefoot, they WILL want you to have their insole €179 and WILL put you in a hard foam liner €300 which IMO is completely unsuitable for your foot

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Ok, thanks, and well the main reason I didn't call you (and posted here) was because I wanted to make sure there was a problem first. I'd rather not waste your working time, forums like these are by no means 100% accurate but they take up peoples free time (generally). Rather than bother you with what would probably be yet another "my feet hurt" phonecall I wanted to make sure there was something you could do about it, or at least a  problem at all.

Surefoot would be a worst case option, if I was stuck in france in very painful boots the only reason I would go to Surefoot would be because I was not in a place where I knew the shops or could easily hold them to account and an international brand like Surefoot is obviously a reliable option, or at least more so than most in-resort shops. In any case, I would rather work with one fitter and only one fitter, and you have been very helpful so far.

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Alsoi have had 4 hours actual skiing in the boots which has made little difference. I probably should have made it more clear that most of the issues associated with the liner are mild enough for me to think they will be resolved just by the process of bedding it down, but in the meantime they will be painful which is not something I want to have while on a trip I am paying a significant amount of money towards. Really I was looking for tips as to how to resolve this issue without major mechanical modifications.
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if it needs major mechanical modification then it needs it, but i think it will be a pretty minor stretch of the shell if anything... where are you feeling this pressure, you haven't said (exactly)

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(I would send a PM but since I have started this as a thread it may as well stay as one for the sake of anyone with similar issues)
The liner is obviously tight throughout as expected. I am now wearing the boots with no socks and the liners don't really hurt at any point, aside from some pressure on the inner top area on the right foot and on a point about a centimetre and a half back from the base of the small toe, where I can feel significant pressure from the top of the foot to the side (also more prominent on the right foot). Finally, my right side big toe is pressed hard against the side of the liner. While sitting in the boots these pressures are noticeable, especially when I walk in the boots, but while skiing they get very painful, very quickly.
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sounds like the shell needs a small stretch ... the description is a little unclear, is it outer edge between the two clips?, if so relieving that may relieve the big toe, if not then the toe box needs to be squared out a touch as well... are you clipping the upper buckles tight so that the foot is held at the back of the shell... and have you been working on your ankle flexibility???


if you want us to get them stretched out call the office and we can get you booked in, i am away until wednesday of next week at a trade show in germany so cannot do anything before then

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I am going to try them at the snowdome again, if there is still a problem I will call you and maybe see you next week. I won't try and describe the exact issues via text, and I understand you usually do minor adjustments for free to boots you fitted, but you are still based some ways away from me.
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