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Right forefoot loose (shell too wide)

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After a 20 yrs off from skiing (yes, 20 years!) I'm back into it with a vengence this year. Bought new equipment (Saloman Enduro RX800 skiis, and Saloman Impact 100CS boots). Back in the day I worked for a ski retailer, and so perhaps I was a little cocky in my shopping as I thought I knew all about skiboot sizing (ahem, I now stand corrected, pun intended). Anyways... After 3 days on slopes, I'm very proud of my skiing (like riding a bike!), and looking forward to another 14 days booked this season including Breckenridge and Tremblant But my right forefoot feels loose in the boot, and its impairing my skiing (My right foot is longer and narrower than the left.) The rest of the fit feels pretty good. What are my options here to adjust the boot to a snugger fit around the right forefoot? Thanks in advance
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how is the shell fit of the boot?   with the liner removed, are you touching the sides of the shell?




this might help "refresh" your 20 year old knowledge.

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Mntlion, thx for the reply.


With the liner removed my right forefoot is close to the shell, but not "lightly brushing against" it.  Whether its 2mm, or 3mm?  I couldn't tell you.  But since it feels a little loose on the slope, I presume it must be 3mm+


With the boot on and buckled up, if I plant the boot and try to pivot my foot on my right heel I get a can get a very slight but noticeable shift of the right forefoot from the one side of the boot to the other.   It surprising, because otherwise everything about the shell and the liner feels very snug


There must be something I (or a boot fitter) can place inside the shell or liner to address this?  

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try some high density foam, but the boot is too wide, (and maybe too long) for you.   This really can't be solved that well.


Much easier to make a small boot bigger, rather then a big boot smaller.

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Ok, I'll give that a try and report back.


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