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Ski School in the Northeast

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First off thank you. I am new to the forms and have read a lot in the past month which has been very helpful.


I am curious who has had experience with ski schools in the North East.   Out at Jackson Hole they have a great school where I have had many excellent group lessons which are 5-6 hours in length with a PSIA Level II or III instructor and only have 1-2 other people.  Is there anything like that in the North East?


Thank you.

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"the North East" is a rather large place (larger if you include NY and PA in addition to the New England states).  Are you looking for something in a specific area?


5-6 hours is a full day lesson (something like 9AM-3PM).  Most ski schools don't do full day group lessons unless you bring your own group and pay for a semi-private.

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I am looking at larger resorts in Vermont: Stowe, Killington, Sugarbush etc..

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Plenty of folks here from the Stowe area, so hopefully some will chime in.  As far as Killington is concerned, a lot depends upon when you go.  If you do midweek lessons, chances are pretty good you will have few people in your group.  They usually guarantee a maximum of 5 folks in a group anyway.  Lesson lengths are around 1 1/2 hours, I think.  They do, however, have some interesting adult specialty clinics that are usually 2 days in a row.  Check out their website for info.  I've been looking at the Adult Moguls program or Dan Egan programs myself.

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I work at Stowe as an instructor, and there are a few others on this forum who do as well. We have a large number of Level 3 and Level 2 instructors. Stowe prides itself on being the oldest ski school in the country, and we have the experience to show for it. Instructors with 20+ years at Stowe are very common. 


As far as a full day group lesson, it depends entirely on the age of the people you're talking about. Our children's group programs are all full day programs, and those run ages 3-14. Group size depends on age. Adult groups are 2 hour lessons, and groups are allowed to be larger than kids group. However, it all depends on when you go. If it's a midweek in January or March, you're likely to get a group with only one or two other people. If you go MLK or President's weekend, you're more likely to have a large group. 


You can sign up for a semi-private, which gives you much more control over who you get as an instructor and of course who is in your lesson. 


I have worked at a few mountains in the northeast, and that is pretty typical for what is available around here. The simple reality is that the Northeast has far more people and far more skiers than out West, especially JH. More skiers means more people taking lessons, which translates to larger class sizes. 

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Thank you for the detailed response.
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