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Bindings reattached after skinning?

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I have a pair of skies with an ugly paint job, so I plan to purchase some custom skins from Epicboardskins. I'd have to take off the bindings to apply the skin, then put them back on. I've heard that this can be bad. Can anyone provide some insight on taking off bindings and then reinstalling them?
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Wow - bad branding/naming; I thought there was some horrible mistake involving climbing skins .....


As for your question: assuming standard mounting screws, get a posi-drive #3 driver, remove all screws (carefully save in zip-lock bag); remove any "volcano-ing" ridges around screw holes with a single edged razor blade; let holes air dry over-night just  in case there was any moisture; place new top sheet on skis; re-mount using same exact holes with slow curing epoxy or some other suitable glue (I've been using Roo Glue from Tognar with good results).  If you have difficulty removing screws initially, heat screw heads with a soldering iron to soften the old glue.  Might be challenging locating the old holes under the new top sheet - maybe  poking a pin around until you find them? 


It may get complicated if, when removing the mounting screws, you discover that enough moisture has leaked into the holes to rot out the core material.  If it's just a "spinner" with no significant core degradation, then simply reinforcing the new glue with chopped up steel wool bits will probably be all you need.

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I'm a bit confused. So I would simply let the holes dry and put some epoxy into them before screwing the bindings back on?

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The drying thing is a "just in case", but yes. Your biggest enemy in mounting is moisture in the holes - the glue acts equally as a locking mechanism and a sealant.

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And this is totally safe? I know that the epoxy will help, but it seems like it wouldn't stop my bindings from possibly ripping out at high speeds or turns.

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Some people add a little steel wool to the holes/epoxy to give the screws a bit more bite, particularly if the screws continue to spin after being tightened down.


I can't say whether it's completely safe, but I've used old holes for bindings a couple of times and never had any problems. As they say, your mileage may vary.

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Make sure you use an Epoxy/Glue when you reinstall the screws and it should be as strong as ever.  What it does is prevent moisture to penetrate the core and keep vibrations from slowly loosening the screws. Most ski's have no problem having the screws removed multiple times before the holes start to degrade.


If the install was done right the first time you shouldn't have any moisture in the holes, if you did have moisture it was a good thing you're removing the screws before it affects your core. Odds are there wont be any moisture at all.


Key is to go slow and take your time, I've installed quite a few bindings over the years including inserts and have never made a mistake or had a screw rip out.

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One little trick for remounting in the same holes: start the screw re-insertion by back spinning the screw at least half a turn, to insure you don't cross thread the old threads in the ski.  Basically, you've tapped the ski with the previous mount, and the re-insertion turning should go really really smoothly. 

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