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Bandit X/Fischer 74

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Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model: Bandit X (2002)
Ski Length: 184
Snow Conditions Used In: Stiffened up powder, light powder, soft packed powder
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Level 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 30 years
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-35
Other Skis You Like: Fischer Alltrax 74, Bandit XX, Salomon Pilot 8, Xscream 9 & Series
Your Height/Weight: 5’ 9”, 185 lbs.

The new Bandit X is quicker edge to edge than my several years old model. Very lightweight ski. But the shovel seems softer than on my old pair. Not sure if this is true but it seemed to be so. This ski, in my opinion, is limited to packed powder and light powder. It loves this stuff and will carve beautifully on the soft groomed and will float and blast through anything…as long as it is soft & light. When the powder begins to set up the ski quickly loses its charms. Wind crusted junk turned it into a sniveling little noodle. In bumps it is very quick and also quite forgiving. Lots of fun. The deeper sidecut than the prior models did a lot of the work for me and combined with the very light weight allowed me to feel fresh at the end of the day. In my opinion this is a ski for the western rockies. I’d hesitate to recommend it for PNW wet snow or hard Eastern conditions. Though spending the day on very good snow limited my take on the versatility of the ski.

Ski Make: Fischer
Ski Model: Alltrax 74 (2000-2001 model)
Ski Length: 183
Snow Conditions Used In: hardpack, packed powder, powder, crud
Number of Days Used: less than 10.
Your Ability: Level 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 30 years
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-35
Other Skis You Like: Bandit X, Bandit XX, Pilot 8, Xscream 9 & Series
Your Height/Weight: 5’ 9”, 185 lbs.

This is the 2001 version of the Big Stix 74. I understand that the graphics changed and the tail was twin-tipped a bit but the guts are the same. I took them out for the first time this year and thought I would post my thoughts.

This ski is not limited by snow conditions. It is solid and stable yet light for a midfat due to the carbon construction. Predictable. It turns easily, holds a solid edge on hardpack, loves soft snow and will pound through crud and setup powder. It works well in bumps but don’t sit back too much or it will become ungainly and may take advantage of you. When arcing the ski feels as if the entire edge is in contact with the snow. Very reassuring. I read the review of this ski in one of the magazines and it says it requires muscle to make it turn. Not. Simply lay it on edge and it will make quick short turns or hold on for long arcs. In short, I loved it and remembered why I bought it last year.

I demoed the Bandit X thinking I would like to replace my old ones with the new. But after skiing these two this weekend my mind is not so sure. The new Bandit X is a better carver than the old one. But there has been no substantial change to make it a more versatile ski in difficult snow conditions. And I worry that the shovel is even easier to knock around. Fun but…I felt so good on my Fischers that I’m gonna demo the Big Stix 84 as a candidate for my cat trip in Feb as well as a possible new ski. I may ski my Bandits till they die then replace them with the new version. Or with the Fischer Freeride 68 which may have the same spice as the X but with a wider range of capability in differing snow conditions. I’ll have to try them to know though.

One more point for the Fischers…at $529 (Winter Park Sports) they are cheaper than more popular, well-known brands! If you are a Colorado Front Ranger two shops I know of demo them: Alpenglow in Golden/Lakewood (?) as well as Winter Park Sports in Winter Park.
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Did the Big Stix 74 have a speed limit and did it hold good on ice as well as hard-pack?

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Occasionally I got up some speed and felt very comfy. But, it was way too crowded with rustlers and wranglers and other assorted jeans wearing flatlanders up fer some long weekend holiday making. Scary! People were down all over the place. So, I never got it too fast. They can go pretty fast. Fast enough for me. Very stable.

The other day they held very well on some windblasted hardpack. I found no actual ice though. Last year I repeatedly tried to hit an ice patch at the beginning of one run above treeline to see what they would do and they held well if kept on edge and not skidded.

I like the XX (not the '02 version as I haven't skied it; the pre-02 XX has the same dimensions as the 74), a lot but one big deciding factor in buying the 74 was that it held hard snow better. Could have been the tune but I think a lot of it was the ski.

The trade-off being that the XX seemed better in steep bumps. Maybe softer?
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Howdy Folks - Just had to wade in here. Haven't tried the Fischer 74's, but I had to stick up for the single x's on ice, crud, and all of the other interesting variations we happen across. Actually, out of the box I thought these were really good on ice. We (some ski school colleagues) were running gates the other day and I was amazed at the tail and kick out of an icy course that these things had. It was PNW ice, but the single x's really railed from edge to edge. A week later we had 21" of PNW love, and they floated really well too.

Like previous folks have mentioned they're REALLY good in bumps. However, I didn't see 'em flakin' out in the tip or tail, but I may be lighter than some folks. I'm 5'10" and about 170 ish, and haven't found a speed limit yet. I absolutely dig these skis.

Thanks all, and pray for snow. It's friggin' dumpin' out here. Five feet in four days.

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Thanks for the reviews on the Bandit X. I leave on Sunday for a week in Heavenly. This will be my first run on a new pair of Bandit X's.

I'll post my thoughts when I return.

Thanks again! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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