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I love to read the epic free ski trips on this forum. Simply great! What a pleasure it is to sit in a snow cat and to be put on a mountaintop. Enjoying the great views and then ski first tracks in the fresh snow.


Unfortunately we lack expertise and finance to do the same. But we are inventive. And so we drove 250 miles on Saturday, December 8, 2012 in the early morning from the Netherlands to Altastenberg in Germany.


Two nearby skiresorts opened the season that day with a limited number of lifts. Altastenberg however would start a week later. Still there was plenty of snow, up to 20 inches thick. The seven lifts were out of order, but the slopes were allready prepared.


All the runs were open to us, because the highest points and the lowest point of the ski area can be reached by car. My wife and I alternately drove our Fiat Panda Snow Cat up and down the roads along the skiresort of Altastenberg that day for 40 miles.




Overlooking the untracked groomers, knowing that we would be the first to carve our signature in that glorious snow, we felt like real (for) free riders!