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Head World Cup RS 119 (limited prod/next years) GS ski

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Ski Make:Head
Ski Model: World Cup RS 119
Ski Length: 180
Snow Conditions Used In: Packed firm snow.
Number of Days Used: 1 day so far
Your Ability: Race Coach
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: =Age-4
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:60-75
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 9.20, 10.22 & 9.16, K2 Mach S, Fischer Race Carve, Fischer Freeride
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 175lbs
The Skis: Real new school design, sidecut extend past running surface into tip. Flex is soft for a race ski, shovel is stiffer than tail. Laminate construction. Available lengths 180-185-190.
Ski Setup: Head Traction Plate (15mm lift), Tyrolia Free flex 10 bindings, factory tune. Ski can be setup with any bindings not a "bindings system" plate.
Comments: Only a couple real runs on these so far, but I'm impressed. (Quite a few runs carying gates, drills and other coaching stuff.) Turn intiation is real easy. Skis feel real damp and solid (powerful maybe?) on snow. Ski really wants you to carve the top of the turn. It makes a nice turn if you don't. It makes a really cool turn if you get on it early and carve top of turn.
Fairly quick turning, I ran the bottom 20 gates of a slalom course (with both arms full of jackets and pants). The ski is almost quick enough to race slalom.
Doesn't feel like a race ski, (stiff, hard to ski well). Feels like a Race Carver with race ski power and dampness.
I'll update this after I run some gates on em.
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I had a look af HEAD´s new Giantslalom ski a couple of weeks ago, and I think that it looked compleatly differet to any current GS ski in means of sidecut, can not remember the right figures... but was something like 112-65-100 in 188 cm. I do not think that head is lanching a 185 next season?


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Hello Ben75
A sidecut of 112-65-100 in 188 cm would give you a turn Radius of maybe 18 or 19 meters which is smaller than FIS mimimum of 21 meters for GS. The sidecut on my skis is supposed to be 102.5-63-88 (I haven't actually measured it myself). As far as I know there will be a production version of these skis next year.

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You are right about the sidecut, which also was printed on the heel of the skies 19-20 meters, but i guess that you will not normally get a "production" GS´ with the right specifications for FIS rules. The target for most production GS skies regardless if it is ATOMIC, ROSS, Dynastar or some other brand is not for Racing, but for racecarves that want a look-alike ski for the groomed.
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Ben75, the RS 119 is the production gs ski that is a modified version of the Cyber World Cup Ti (not much different in sidecut). I think you were looking at a version of the Cyber World Cup (without the Ti in the name). This is a rec carver ski with the deeper sidecut that has also been in the line for some time. Take a look at the web site, really only the names are changing.
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Sorry, but I thought that you guys where talking about the 2003 model, because i already has the 180 Cyber WC Ti in 180 which i have been skiing for about 1 year now!. I had a look at the all new 2003 model in grey colours, which had the specs i talked about, and it comes in ex. 188 cm and not 180-185-190 as the old one. Take a look at HEAD´s homepage, download the pics with H. Trinkel and the new 2003 GS/SL/new xp80/100..

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Oops, I stand corrected. The 119 I saw was probably a 01/02 ski (it was 185cm). I'm now thinking it was a special ski (WC Ti with the RS 119 name on it). Anyway, the new sidecut sounds great to me as I am not strong enough to carve those 28 meter skis. Would have a great shovel for free skiing too. Let me know if you have specs on SL.
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The Ski I'm talking about looks like a Head World Cup Ti cosmetically. The tip is rounded like the Fischers. The ski says RS119 on the base of the ski near the tail (under clear p-tex).
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Also the RS119 has a 21 meter (FIS GS minimum) turn radius and is a laminate ski not a cap ski like a production ski.
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