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Monday AM check web on Silver and Lookout.  Lookout reporting 4 in. and Silver posted a time of 1229 (after midnight yes I know this is improper military usage but that what they put up) and 1 in.  Then before I left home checked again and reported 1 in. at 0532 AM.  No way it only snowed 1" in that time period.  So no believing Silver's post on new snows I went there anyway (50 miles closer) and found 3-4 inches on lower mt. (i.e., chair 3) and 4-5 on South and almost 6 on Wardner.  Had a good time.  There were 130 skiers on the whole hill. First tracks everywhere.   Bear Grass really good on South.  Went in for lunch at noon and when came out it had snow quite a bit.  Wardner, Meadows etc. all better after lunch.  Did lower Terrible Ediths and wasn't really worth it-still needs more snow.


Had a good day, was by myself, saw Anne russell and did some runs with her.  What a great skier she is, even with two new knees.


Rumors:  Heard the guy who refurbished the Davenport Hotel in spokane is interested in Silver.   Be nice if they would hire some people who understand the ski industry/sport etc. can't believe they are reported under the snow they get.  Was told later (around 8 am) they posted 4 in. on website.  My answer to that is "great" after the season pass powder skiers went to Lookout.  DAH


The good side - Silver was good and basically had the place to myself almost.   Did see Randy and Ernie, they stopped by Silver on their way down the hill from skiing Lookout in the AM


Just a little update.   SpokaneMike hope the heel is healing.  No pun intended.