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"Old Guy" needs new boot advice

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Looking for a new boot and need some advice.  (Not going to ask ambiguous technical questions about fit because IMO that needs to be addressed by a professional in a professional environment).  Just need some advice about what you pros think would be some of the best models to consider.  I used to work in a shop and don't trust the sales guys where I live (NYC).     


Am trying to match a good boot with Volkl racetiger sl. 40 yo (unreal) 188lb, 5'11 aggressive, technically proficient, tip driver skier, in the east.  I like skiing fast along the side of the trail, short-medium turns, on piste (do not ski bumps or trees because I have a great job and can't afford to risk injury.)  I also ski with my 5 yo daughter but that's not an issue.  The last new boots I owned were Nordica GP 90's and Technica TNS (hello old guy).   I have a narrow foot with a low/medium arch that works with Lange and Nordica.  I'm easy to fit: add a superfeet footbed and go.  I'm from the mentality that any boot/ski any can be skied anywhere and as long as the skier has the skills.  


I'm considering Lange RS 130-110, a RX120 and one of those Nordica Fire Arrow boots.  I don't understand boots anymore.  I don't get progressive flex and I hate some guy in NYC trying to tell me that some boot is designed for carving.  My technique carves any ski just fine.  Am also considering the Nordica Patron but that is difficult to find.   When I teach my daughter I just loosen the top buckle and I'm fine.   (I have a Rossi Avenger72 which is not a bad ski to teach. It has camber. Does anyone remember that!!!)  Money is not the issue. I just want the most appropriate fitting/performance boot.  Will the 130 be too stiff?  Does the RS series still have leak issues?  Will the RX and FireArrow series be more laid back?  


Guys thanks for any advice.               

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I appreciate the link but it doesn't really help.  I used to work at a shop and fit boots so I'm aware of the fundamental nuances involved when selecting a boot.  As I wrote above, I'm looking for some buying advice and opinions from the community based on their experiences from working in the trenches.  


If I came to you with a working knowledge of boot fitting and presented the above case, what would you recommend and why?         

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4 buckles allow for more differential than 3----you can get the ankle tight and leave the top snug and have good control where as a 3 buckle boot will pull downward on the top of your foot and put your foot to sleep if you tighten it enough to hold your foot back in the shell.


 As we age (that 40 thing) we usually look for anything that will unload our quads---a more upright boot will help, provided you don't have too large a calf inside the boot.  This plays into the fore/aft balance position of your COM (center of mass), if you can ski with a more upright femur you will use less effort in your quads, (a good thing) so pay attention to which boot allows you to stand more upright (instructors are always saying "stand tall")



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Hey Mike thanks for the advice.  Great point about 3 vs 4 buckles.   I like the feeling of the more natural stance as opposed to the Nordica GPX90, dating myself here, which placed the skier in a more aggressive/upright stance.


In your opinion which makes more sense: the 110 or the 130?  Or am I over analyzing here?     

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130  (you can make it softer if needed)


and yes.

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Tried on the 110's..... Way too soft. Shop was out of the 130's and the Patron in my size. Went with the RX 130. Thoughts? Should I expect Similar performance to the RS?
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