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K2 Mod 7/8 [Axis] in shorter length

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Last season I posted a review of the Mod 7/8, known this year as the Axis [no X]. I really loved the ski in 174 cm, except in the trees where they were a bit much for me - I'm 145 pounds on my fatest days, and less on other days. I located the exact same skis from last season, but new in the plastic, in a 167 cm and bought them, selling the older ones to a man who is sturdier in build than I. At last, Smugglers Notch got some REAL snow, and I allowed the new 167's onto the hill for the first time ever. Here's my reaction: It's the same model ski, of course, and all that great stuff about its abilities to charge through any kind of natural snow, and to turn very easily, still stand. As expected, in the shorter length, there was never any doubt that I would turn where I want when I want - and in that sense they were a better ski for me than the 174. However, although they are still the "Porsche racing bulldozers", I did miss the somewhat more stable and hard charging 174's - and if I did not ski in the east and love the narrow winding trails, I would prefer them. I am happy with the change to the shorter skis because they did go though it all and still allowed me to feel completely confident that I would be able to snake through the tight and tough spots. It's a great example of the trade-offs between longer, more stable and smoother skis and skis that are more maneuverable. I accept the trade off as worthwhile in this case. The one place the Mod 7/8 [Axis] requires more attention is on the scrapey places - they work, but I need to think more about edging them than the Rossi T-Powers. When the conditions are lacking in natural snow or the natural snow is packed and hard, I ski with the Rossi T-Powers. When the conditions are natural snow, and particularly cut up snow, it's the K2 Mod 7/8 [Axis] all the way. Given my druthers, I druther be able to ski on the K2's. In fact, yesterday [Wednesday, Jan 16, 2002] I could not have used the T-Powers bacuse the snow was deep, cut up, and heavy - but with the K2's,I was able to have a great skiiing day. The comparable ski in the Rossi line would be the Bandit XX, I believe, and I would like to demo those when I can.
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oboe, thanks for the review.
Last year I got a good deal on a pair of pre-drilled Mod7/8 in 174 and couldn't pass it up. I'm somewhere between high intermediate/low advanced level and like to ski fairly fast so the 174 length suits me fine. However, last year there were times when I wanted to do very short turns and felt the 174 length was a tag long. But so far this year, as I got used to the skis and my skills improved (?) a little, I began to get the hang of them. They are great in most conditions I've been on.

I was looking to see some reviews on the Mod7/8 [Axis] in shorter length (167cm) to see if indeed they are more suitable for me but couldn't find none since most prefer those skis in longer length. Until now.

Thanks again for the excellent write up on those skis in both sizes. Hopefully I can try mine on Lake Tahoe ice and firm pack this weekend.

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"The comparable ski in the Rossi line would be the Bandit XX, I believe, and I would like to demo those when I can."

I like Rossignol's Bandit line. I encourage you to try them. If you find they are too much try to drop down to the Rebel XX which is the Bandit XX without the metal, I believe.

Can't have too many skis!
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the Rossi ski equivalent to the Axis would be the Rebel X

have a great weekend. ski Smuggs for me.
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Gonzo, I don' know where you're coming from on this, but don't see how the dimensions or performance envelope on the Rossi Rebel X are comparable to he K2 Axis. The Axis is 70 mm at the waist, but it's 111 at the tip and 101 at the tail. On another subject, a post script to my first post above: This is Martin Luther King week end, so there is not a ton of foot deep new snow out there, but there is still some fine stuff at Smugglers Notch. I started out following my son onto a black bump trail and found that the wider K2's were not quick as a wink when the snow is well traveled over. I went to the car and got out the Rossi T-Powers, and they did the trick for the remainder of the day, including some bumps with loose snow. Just the opposite was true on Wednesday with lots of new snow, some chopped, and NO crowds - NO lift line. If I had to ski on the T-Powers that day, I would have gone home instead. So, it's nice to have the option of choosing one or the other for the coonditions at hand. I'm still searching for the mythical "all around" ski - someday I'll find it thrust into a rock, and if I'm the only one who can pull it out of the rock . . .
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I mention the Rebel X as the performance equivalent of the Mod 7/8. Dimensions are only part of the story. If you want a dimensional equivalent, there are a few Volants that are fatter in the waist but not as demanding. Ask our resident Volant guy, Phil Pugliese.

The Bandit XX is a very high-performance ski. It's not one to forgive technical errors. I'd rate it as between the Axis X and the Axis X Pro, a bit nearer the Pro.

If you're seriously considering the Bandit XX, and want a ski that will shine in the hardpack and in new or cruddy snow, I suggest you try the Volkl Vertigo Motion. Likewise, if you think the Vertigo Motion is too much ski, I'd suggest you should try to think the same about the Bandit XX.

No slurs intended here. Just trying to help you get closer to that one-ski quiver.

Did you ever ski the Atomic BetaRide 9.22?

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Gonz, your points are well taken. I do not think of the Bandit XX as an all around ski from my point of view. I do think I should demo more and definitely should take a ride or two on some Volants. People who have them always always always have glowing things to say about them. You know, those T-Powers truly do handle quite a bit, but they just are of less use in heavy crud and push piles, while the wider Mod 7/8 plows right through it. I'm searching for something sort of in between, but not exactly. Am I being perfectly clear? mmmm, no, I didn't think so. It' like obscenity - I can't tell you what it is, but I'll know it when I see it [and ski it], and it will appeal to my prurient skiing interest. Yes, prurient, definitely.
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oboe, I would really suggest trying the Vertigo Motion, the Bandit X and the BetaRide 9.22. Also, what about the Escape 5500? Or the Salomon X-Scream 9?

Sounds like what you need is a slightly softer midfat that has good shovel power. The Vertigo Motion might be too much ski, but give it a try. And, since the Bandit X has been beefed up for this year, it should be a real eye-opener. Not as demanding as the XX but still powerful. The Salomon X-Scream 9 has much of the Series power at lower speeds without that big energy "pop" at turn finish that can kick your butt.

You've got a lot to choose from. Just remember that the Bandit XX is biased toward off-piste and speed. The Bandit X is more along the lines of your desired one-ski quiver.
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Thanks, Gonz - these will definitely be on my demo list.
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Oboe, check the gear classifieds. Chris Colaspe has some 177 cm X-Scream 9 skis with only 7 days, available for sale.
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Another word or so, if I may, on these shorter K2 Mod 7/8's: Saturday at crowded Smugglers Notch [next week end day it will be Jay or Bolton where the crowds are substantially not] the snow was "snow ball makin' stuff", as they say. Not my fave, but hey, it was snow. Inasmuch as it was [ahem] well traveled, I figured the Rossi T-Power shorty slaloms would be the ride for the day, and I took a few runs on them. The "snowball snow" was not kind to us. Just on a hunch, I went back to the car [I had managed to scoff a parking spot almost right at the lift!] and got out the K2 midfats. Sho' nuff, they were an improvement. Because of their width, they do require more concious edging, but they worked, and they smoothed out the ride. I think the last time I reported, I had swapped them for the T-Powers a bit too soon, perhaps. I think I should have given them more of a chance, they really are versatile and a very smooth ride. Henceforth, I'll stick to the K2's unless there is no natural snow to be found - but I'm sure that if I hunt far enough, I'll find it.
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