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Outer foot arch pain!

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I hope someone can help me.


First, some information about me: I consider myself to be an intermediate skier, comfortable on my skis, able to stay in control (most of the time) :). I'm on the heavy side but with a fairly good core strenght due years of exercising in the past. For some reason I stopped skiing a long time ago and I'm just returning to it (and quite happy about it!). I would say I have a fairly wide foot and also flat.


This year I went to Bansko in Bulgaria and at the end of my holiday I decided to invest in a pair of boots as I believe that is the most important part of the gear. Plus, I wanted to be sure I get a good pair since I still remember, while skiing in the past, skiing was a painful affair due to pain in my feet but nothing extreme (probably because I was much lighter back then!)


Anyway, I decided to go with Head Adaptedge 90 from the official Head retailer (which by the way looks the same as the Adaptedge 100, with the spine technology , transparent shell but different colour and all the extras that the Adaptedge 100 has - don't know why, and I can only find my model on German, Czech and Polish websites) since I could crank the width up to 104 cm. 


I think I made the right choice, the boots are very comfortable until I got on my skis. 


I started skiing and shortly after I started feeling a strong pain in the outer arch region, somewhere in the middle of my foot. It was quite painful.  I decided to loosen them up and that helped but then I started feeling pain in the inner arch region probably due to the fact my boots were too loose and the feet had some movement inside at that point. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to take them back and make some adjustments since it was the end of my holiday.


I continued wearing them around my house since then just to get a better feel for them and my right foot feels great, no cramping whatsoever. However, I feel a slight tension in my left foot, on the outer arch, but far from any pain. Let me put it this way, I wouldn't have any problems wearing the boot around the house for 8 hours.


I know that new boots take time to adjust to the foot. Would it be a smart move to consider making some adjustments at this point or should I allow time for the boots to adjust themselves? I don't want to end up with boots that are too big once the liner packs up! Is the pain I had, a reason to consider doing this? Any other advice?? Thanks! :)


PS: here are the boots I got ---


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what is the shell fit like in length and width?


if you need the buckles tight, to control the skis, but that casuses foot pain, the boots might be too wide or long on you.  


I would see how they feel next time you ski them, and see.  Either way, they are the boots you have right now.

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Thanks for the reply.


The boots are the right lenght, my toes are barely touching the tip. They feel snug (in my opinion they fit perfectly, no heel lift etc...) also there is no side movement.


Once I loosened them up while skiing, the pain in the outer arch was gone but that's when the inside arch and slightly on the bottom of my feet started hurting. From what I know, this happened because at that point they were too big since the buckles were loosened. 


When I ski,the lower two buckles are on the second and third levels respectively and the top two buckles are on the fourth (so just above 50% - if that makes sense) and they feel tight enough for skiing. 


Should I allow them time to adjust or it's time to think about making some adjustments?



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PS: When I say comfortable, I don't mean like slippers. They do feel snug and like a "friendly handshake" so to speak. Comfortable in a sense that there is no excessive pressure anywhere on my foot but a firm fit all around. 

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why not ski with the toe buckles looser?  or not done up at all?


but yes,  the boots will keep packing out a bit more, and feel bigger

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I might try the next time with the buckles slightly looser but I can't ski with them too loose as I have pain in my inner arch because of foot movement inside the boot at that point. Thanks for the advice! :)

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