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HEAD Vector 100

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   Hey guys, i have been skiing for almost 12 years and this is the first time i bought a ski boot.

At first, i went to a shop who sells HEAD gear, and the guy there gave me a HEAD EDGE 100 boot. i really liked the design and comfort, although i had no clue how to buy a ski boot. There's no boot fitter here in my country, so you have to rely on expert skiers' decisions. He gave me a very comfortable boot sized 27.5. 1 week into skiing, my boot got really loose from the inside and i could feel my ankle move nonstop.

I went back there, and the owner of the shop was kind enough to return my boots and give me the new HEAD Vector 100, sized 26.

But it wasn't him who came up with the decision, it was me. After my horrible experience in a loose boot, i asked some experts here, and they told me this:

1) my ankle should never move.

2) the middle part of my foot should be stable.

3) my toes should be able to move up or down, but not too freely.


They both told me that they buy boots that hurt there feet for 2-3 weeks, until it becomes as comfortable as a slipper.

My feet are well held in my new boots, and all the upwards characteristics are true. Did i make the right decision?


One more thing. The week i skied with the HEAD Edge, i took out the liner every day to dry them out. And i wore The North Face/Iguana Socks, not some cheap quality ones. Is it normal that this happens? What should i do to prevent it happening with my new Vector boots?


I'm new to the forum guys, so any insight will be much appreciated!

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sounds like the right boot.


wet liners are normal,  you need to dry them out

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Can you suggest a way to do so? I live in lebanon and have looked endlessly for shops that sell boot dryers, but i had no luck whatsoever. Is there any other way i can follow without harming my boots?
Thanks a million.
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or just remove the liners

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