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..to heaven and back..(Salomon Buzz 99.9 Minimax Blades)

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"I have recently returned from St. Anton am Arlberg after skiing for the first time on the updated Salomon Buzz 99.9 Minimax Blades. If you think of the brain; there is an likeness.. Small, but powerful and comprehensively perfect in design. If you wish to Schussfast on them..and I mean fast! They will respond to your bidding. Give them a gentle nudge and they will take off like your mythical flying carpet! But to feel the full potential of their accelleration, you must not hesitate, you must not lose your bottle by suddenly switching to short turns. They will not shudder at full flight, they will not wobble, but they will try and leave you behind, so you must stand on top of them at all times and tell them who's boss and they will take you on the ride of a lifetime everyday you use them.
They will carve for you like no other ski board. Introduce the perfect Z posture on top of your Blades and you will feel the sheer power under your ski boots as it carves a precise arc on frozen pistes like a laser beam cutting through gold. With sheer delight they will float over fluffy snow, prance through knee deep powder and cut through crud! You can take them off-piste and the blades will meet all challenges with only the slightest of hesitation. They will take you to Heaven and back. Take my word for it..for I have been there.."

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Excellent review. Sounds like you enjoyed them!
I used to have the 90s (when they were silver & black and just called Snowblades)

I switched to the Fischer Spyders, and have had similar experiences to you one them.

Ignore the critics who haven't used skiboards, or don't like them, and keep on enjoying them!

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Wow! That's a really great review but unless they have changed these boards a lot (I have last years model) I find the following quote to be very hard to believe:

"With sheer delight they will float over fluffy snow, prance through knee deep powder and cut through crud! "

I love my snowblades but tools for knee-deep powder they are not. Can you rip down the hill with them? It's actually hard to believe how fast you can go on them but if speed were the goal I'd be on my ski's. I think they are best when popping turn after pseudo powder turn on the edges of trails where the other skiers have thoughtfully placed all that soft snow.

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Snowblades < Real Skis
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Terrapin, I will only accept your use of mathematical symbols in a mathematical sense.

i.e. skiboards are less (in length) than skis
skiboards are less (in surface area) than skis
skiboards are less (in numeric sales) than skis

What sort of skiboards have you used?

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i love my ski boards, the do give me alot of float on thoughs really deep days. if its 12+ i leave the fat skis at home. and in the park no twin tip can give you such a sense of balance on the landings.
i say if its over 99cm its to long, and get with the times ski boarding rules!!!! :
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Gee, Austria sounds like fun this year with drunks Germans flying from one direction and ski bladers flying from the other... I guess if you can survive these conditions then an olympic downhill course is just a walk 'n the park
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Things I like about Snowblades/boards.

1. They have a built-in speed limit. Why scare myself going all of 45 on my G3s when snowboards allow me to go all of about 30 before shutting down. Built in speed limiter, worth every penny!

2. The lack of stability at speed, on ice, in powder, in trees, in moguls, in the lift-line, force me to concentrate on my form and perfecting my body position, making me a better overall skier. While people are whipping around me on 170cm skis, I'm comfortable knowing that while they're skiing in the back-seat with bad form, I'm fully centered on my skiblades, because that's where I HAVE to be. All. The. Time.

3. Paternity suits and STDs caused by casual apre-ski sex with the opposite sex can be expensive and embarassing. But when I'm sporting a pair of 99cm skiblades, that won't be a problem. Ever.

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You still haven't told us what skiboards you use, but we have established that you drive a little red sports car.

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Terrapin once posted: The skis I bought this year (Vertigo Motions) are WAY more lively than any ski I've ever owned. At the end of a hard carved turn, they rocket out from under me when I de-edge, and I tend to get thrown into the back-seat. It gets tiring to throw myself forward for the next turn, what am I doing wrong?
Is there a better way? Any tips?

Considering that you have some challenges with back-seat riding, skiboards (or snowblades) would provide an excellent opportunity to fine tune your skills. You should be more open-minded.
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Snowblades are for flaming butt pirates who can't hack on big boards.
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Hi Stompinlines,
Welcome on board.
Next time you're out on your 215s, I'll take off my Axis X Pros, and put on my Spyders, and go down a bump run.
If I fall asleep waiting for you at the bottom, would you mind waking me?


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Plain and simple,skiboarding will improve your skiing.you must stay centered on the boards,yet you can still pressure the tips to initiate and or intentionally pressure the tails out of the turn and you must use a two footed carving technique.
if you can master this on a 99cm skiboard you can ski any ski out there!
i ride canon m7's(128-106-128)on fridays and use skiis on sat and sunday.i ski bandit xx's xxx's salomon 1080's and salomon 10 2v race stock.
i can carve some of the cleanest arcs possible.short turns,long turns,super quick edge to edge stuff,some bumps,powder,and my 2nd favorite-crud!
this is only my fourth season on snow.i used skiis exclusively for the first season and made decent progress.i added skiboards to my quiver the second year and really learned to carve,everything else has just been slight modification of stance width and ski wieghting.
todays slalom skiis are being skied in 155cm(22 inches longer than a 99cm skiboard) lengths in the olympics,i guess those guys must be a bunch of fruit bootin,gaper,posers(insert other childish remarks here_________),that can't ski!
i dont know about you on your super manly long boards(what are you skiing anyway 161 1080's),but i wouldnt have a problem skiing a top of the line shorty slalom,since my stance is always in the sweet spot.
just my 2 cents,as long people ski,skiboard or snowboard responsibly,i dont care what there on.there are inconsiderate pricks in every bunch.little race kids piss me off as much as young boarders.but who the hell cares,snow is to be enjoyed.
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I would have to say beyond any semblance of doubt that both terrapin and stompinline are not only inaccurate in their baseless assumptions about the on and off piste capabilities of skiblades and other super-short-ski implements, but also incorrect about the percieved public image of skibladers.
Bottom line, you don't know what you are talking about because you haven't tried them. I use Salomon SB9 aggressive skiblades (90 cm) to compliment my 170cm Beta Carv 9.18 and they will show you what it means to bend a ski into reverse camber(read carve a turn). I thought that one of the prerequisites of posting here was to actually have tried the products you're (in this case idiotically) commenting upon. Perhaps you two need a lesson in basic reading skills in addition to learning how to expand your pin-hole-sized close minds to new concepts that will boost the popularity and economy of the ski lifestyle. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Unfortunately, we get a lot of powder blowing across some threads. The attitude is pretty much: if you haven't tried it, it must be wrong.

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