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HELP! My aching feet.

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Hi There

I am 38. From the time I was 6 until I was 18 I went skiing every single weekend with my family. I stopped for a few years while in college. For the past fifteen years I have made many attempts to ski but have always run into boot problems. I am 5'10 and 205 pounds. Very athletic build with large calves. I have very flat feet. I am a cruiser. I don't care for bumps. A few years back I purchased, at the request of my local ski shop owner, Nordica Beast 10. I never had a day on them that was comfortable. Excruciating pain almost immediately. I brought them back to the shop. He said he widened them for me but i noticed no difference. Today, oddly, I felt like going skiing so I went to the mountain and just rented equipment. I thought perhaps if i wore larger boots my feet would be better. I rented size 11 (28) and they did hurt the first two runs, but after that they felt fine. My heel was loose, but I still had a good day with little pain. The mountains equipment was obviously old and soft so I was shocked. Of course, I want my own boots with mor comfort and performance. I am just looking for comfort. I do not need anything "fancy" I just want a recreational ski boot for wide duck feet with large calves. Any ideas??
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did the rental boots have a different forward lean then your own boots?   or looser on the calf?

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Much softer. Very flexible. Easy on and off. Mine currently are a pain to get on. Very time consuming.
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not flex,  no easy on/off


when you are standing up in the boot.  with the boot done up.   does your own boot push your knee more forward, then the rental boot





is your own boot tighter on your calf

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About same.
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sounds like your boots might be too tight for your foots needs or wants


can you try to get the boots made bigger?  or at least tell where they need to be bigger?

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I rented a size 11 boot and my current boot is size 10.5 and this has made a big difference. I want to get a new boot. I am just a recreational skier. I like cruisers and machine groomed packed powder surfaces. I do not need a super performance boot but just want comfort. What can you recomend for wide fat feet with aching soles? My shoe size is 10 WIDE. I read about the Atomic LF 120. I like the fact that there are only two buckles. I just want easy in and out.....comfort and recreation.

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why not go buy the rentals that you tryed and liked?

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