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Big Sky / Moonlight Feb16-22

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I'm heading to Big Sky (with a few days at Moonlight), available for skiing Feb 16 through Feb 22. While I'm going with a group, it looks like everyone else is more intermediate so I'm looking for partners. I ski most everything, black and double black, and don't mind hiking to get powder. I'm bringing avy gear as I noticed some terrain at Big Sky requires it (as well as partners), and if the backcountry is tame enough (as far as avy-risk) I'd be interested in some of that too if with people familiar with the snowpack and terrain. I am coming from sea level, so I might not be the fastest at 12000ft right off the bat... but still will do what it takes to hit the good stuff.


PM if available and interested, I'll be happy to start off the Apres.

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I don't live close enough to be your ski buddy for this trip but I LOVE Big Sky and hope you find some of the good stuff that I found when I was there last time. 

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PM sent.

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