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Atomic 9.20 Beta Race Carve (2000 model)

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Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: 9.20 Beta Race Carve
Ski Length: 180
Snow Conditions Used In: PP, hardpack, ice, powder (a little), wet/heavy
Number of Days Used: 3.5
Your Ability: 7 (used to be a solid 8, but things are very different on these, should be back at 8 after a few more days on these)
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 26
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 12
Other Skis You Like: Rossignol 4S Kevlar's (only other ski I've used in the past 14 or so years)
Your Height/Weight: 5'9/180 lbs
Comments: This is my first shaped ski and is definitely taking some getting used to, several lessons have helped me to start getting the ski to work for me.

The descriptions I've read of this ski are dead on. It's not great in powder, but not bad, better than my old Rossi's were. It's not great in crud, the Rossi's did a better job cutting through heavy lumpy/slushy mashed potato type stuff. This ski loves to go fast. It also has plenty of turn shapes from large gs down to tight slalom turns. Edge grip is very good. There is a lot of energy in the tail. This ski will bite you if you get in the back seat...it'll just take off. Since that's something I've always had trouble with when I get lazy I figure this ski will either kill me or break me of that habbit . Also, it's not happy going slow, getting it to turn at low speeds is a chore, whereas at speed it responds almost as if it knew you wanted to turn and was just waiting for you to ask.

I, like many, viewed the whole shaped ski revolution as just another marketing gimmick, but I'm sold. I've had to make some changes to how I ski and it's taking some getting used to, but when I get it right (still working on getting it right more often than not : ) I can really feel it. I used to have to really work to get my straight skis to arc around, but when these do their thing it's almost effortless. Now I just have to get to the point where I can ski these well all the time, fortunately practice means skiing and the more of that I get to do the better .
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Hey Rodney, good review. My only concern with the 9.20's were that you can NEVER relax on them. Forget a 2 or 3 beer lunch, cuz these boards will just kick your ass after the siesta. But I agree...for eastern skiing they are the BEST choice for all around skiing except manmade chop/manmade chop moguls. Everything else is cool, even a few inches of natural powder. I found them to handle best on the "middle" setting right over the midpoint of the ski, depending which binding you use, atomic I hope!!!! Good luck and enjoy.
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