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I'm 5'11", about 145 pounds, basically try to ski as fast as possible in all conditions, prefer steep ungroomed terrain.


I'm currently using 26.5 Dynafit Titans with Intuition Pro Tour liners and a stiff Booster Strap. They're falling apart, a bit too big, and too soft (particularly on warmer days), so I'm looking for a new boot now. I've read a lot of good things about the Krypton 2 Pro and it seems like there's a decent chance it will fit my foot, but I can't find a shop in Mammoth that carries the Pro. One shop has the Fusion, but I'm worried it will be too soft.


Does anyone here have experience with the Pro and the Fusion and can comment on how much softer the Fusion is?


Alternatively, has anyone skied both the Titan and one of the Krypton 2's? If so, are the Krypton 2's stiffer/do they not soften up so much in warm weather?