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Hello everyone, first sorry for my English but i will try to explain my problems. I'm 180 cm 73kg intermediate skier(i think) with Dolomite RAGE X 12, size: 26, boots with custom insoles. I have narrow, high calves, medium arch and medium forefoot. Also have very POOR ankle flex. When skiing i feel pain in my little toe area and arch I have to undone my buckles and boots strap to feel instantly relief. Because i am from Bulgaria and we don't have any bootfitters here i need advice from you experts for some homemade things to customize my boots(if it possible) or buy new one. One more problem i think is my stance when i go for speed( i don't know what is exact term for this stance "egg stance" maybe) i feel burning quads. Reading this forum(in my opinion "the best") i think i need heel lifts(because of my poor ankle flex) but WHAT SIZE in mm? Another thing is when i saw my video i look knock knee( "A" frame stance) maybe is because my ski level or alignment issue? and if is alignment what i can do about it?. And one more thingĀ  what is ramp angle and what angle is right for me. Thank you in advance for your advices.