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Marker Baron or Tour for a Beginner???

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Before I make a fool out of myself by asking this question, I just want to say what a wonderful resource these forums have been.



Two and a half years ago I decided I wanted to switch from snowboarding to skiing with the goal of doing backcountry/peak descents in 5’ish years depending on ability by that point in time. Finally, got going this year and so far it has been well worth it!!


My wife, probably tired of hearing talk about this, bought me a pair of Salomon Knight skis for Xmas. While I have no plans to try and ski these until next year, I am just trying to look at options now. I have been saving up Gift Cards from Sports Authority for the past few years with the intent of purchasing a setup down the road, but thanks to my wife I now only need to worry about bindings.


***I have gotten the message about boots and my intent is to visit Larry’s in Boulder this Spring or Fall***


I have been thinking of buying Barons or the Tours with the idea that I could replace my snowshoes on our family outings or for just general winter traveling as practice. (Weight, speed, and touring ability of the binding don’t seem like they will be much of an issue when using them alongside a 3 and 6 yr old on snowshoes.) No intention of venturing into the Side-country or Backcountry for any type of descent in the near future.


Finally my questions.

Will putting a binding like this on this ski, hinder my progression in some way as I am learning to ski?

Does this plan make any sense at all?


Thanks for any input. Now go ahead and beat me up.



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Will it hurt your progress? Probably not.


Does it make sense at all? Not really.

  1. If you intend to do winter travel with skis, you'll need a pair of skins, that's another $100 (give or take).
  2. Baron/Tour bindings tend to cost more than regular bindings. That's additional money that you have to spend.
  3. While Baron or Tour accommodate normal alpine boots, walking/touring in alpine boots just aren't as comfortable as dedicated touring boots.
  4. Baron and Tour bindings don't ski as well as alpine bindings, especially as someone who's learning.


So, your plan will probably cost you more money and get less back in comfort, and fun. Whether it's worth it or not is up to your personal preference.

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Thanks for your input. After thinking about this a bit more, I believe it will probably be better to to just focus on learning and improving over the next year or two.I really want to learn to ski differnenly than I learned to snowboard.Correctly that is.


Thanks again


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