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To new boot or not to new boot?

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Hey there Boot Guys, I was hoping to make use of your expertise.


I bought my boots two seasons ago, they're the Salomon Divine GT 2011s. I have small (women's size 5, i think the boots are 22.5?), wide feet with high arches, and my understanding is that it's hard to address a foot like that in a ski boot. Yesterday I was skiing in admittedly colder than usual conditions (-11 to 2 degrees) and had to stop very early because much of the tops of my feet had gone numb, and then were painfully thawing for a while when I took the boots off. This is not the first time my boots have gotten in the way of me enjoying a full day of skiing, and I've made lots of adjustments leading up to now trying to find a solution that works. I'm now beginning to wonder if I should keep putting money into making these boots work, or if I should just quit while I'm ahead and find a different pair of boots. Maybe something like junior racing boots would be more cost effective? (I'm 5 feet and weigh ~105 lbs).


Things I have done to the boots already:

- Had them widened after I was losing feeling in the balls of my feet.

- Had the left one widened again when I was still losing feeling in my outer toes.

- Put smart feet soles in them (which I think help my skiing a lot), but which also loses the ability to use the therm-ic heating soles they came with

- Adjusted settings to try to find a balance between tightness optimal for skiing and discomfort


Things I do to try and keep my feet warm:

- Always unbuckle when I'm in line/on the lift (this makes me think that boot gloves aren't an option for me because I wouldn't be able to unbuckle)

- Dry socks go on right before I put the boots on

- Thin socks (I was told thick socks weren't an option for me)

- Toe warmers (Honestly can't even tell if they help or hurt by reducing circulation)

- Put hand warmers/hot water bottles in boots prior to putting them on

- Keep my core warm


Now, the thing is, last week I didn't have this problem because it wasn't so cold out; unbuckling frequently between runs seemed to help enough to keep me going. On the one hand, I would like the option to ski when I'm facing really cold temperatures, but on the other hand I know that odds are I probably won't be doing this very often so maybe I can just suck it up and quit early on the cold days.


But basically I'm wondering if the problem is just the boot and a different model would work better. Or is it worth pursuing other tactics like modifying the liners, or getting Insulation liners or heat packs? I just hate the idea of putting so much money into dud boots that I could have spent buying new ones that don't give me problems, so I was wondering if you guys think this sounds like a fixable situation.


I'm also willing to seek out a recommended bootfitter to try to address the current boots if you guys think that I should stick with them. I live in Boston, am heading up to Burlington (VT) this weekend for some more skiing, if there's anyone who can help out with this in those areas. I'm also going to be in Steamboat over President's Week but I was hoping to figure this out before I fly with my boots to CO.


Any thoughts you have are welcome! Thanks so much.


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1)  why can't the thermic boot heater be installed in the footbed you have?   usually this is not a problem


2) why do you have to tighten the buckles down?  does your foot move around if they are not that tight?

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1) Oh, is it possible to use thermic with the smart feet insole? I thought that by taking out the original one that was wired for it I wouldn't be able to use the heat packs. Do you think the heat packs would keep my feet from going numb?


2) I'm not sure what this means. Generally my toe buckle is on the lowest setting, and I usually leave the instep one loose. Then I just buckle the ones on the shaft. My foot doesn't move, I think the new insoles help with that. Hoping that answers your question :)



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1)   you just need the heating element removed from the old footbed, and installed into the new footbed


2) can you ski down a run with the buckles off (the same way you have them when you ride up the lift?)  

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