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Advice MUCH appreciated! Buying 1st pair...

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Hi, about to purchase 1st set of skis & boots. I've demo'd 2 types thus far and while I'm certain demo'ing is a must ... Circumstances dictate that I'll be buying based on research more than demo. Please stop me if u think I'm making mistake. The details:
- I'm beginner (first time was mid December 2012) but have gone almost every weekend so I'm up to 6 days total. Have taken group lesson 5 times. Am skiing some blues. Advancing relatively quickly I think -- having the lessons so close together is certainly beneficial as is my figure skating background/ good balance.
- east coast (hunter & windham primarily, Killington once.)
- I like to think I'm intermediate however demo'ing the atomic cloud d2 73 was humbling. Very fast ski and more than I can handle. I'm already pretty fast and that ski made me feel out of control.
- I've done extensive research online but am concerned that ill purchase an 'intermediate' ski that - like the cloud d273 - is not at all a good fit.
- what I really want (based on research) is the k2 superfree (especially love that groovy 50th anniversary design) but am afraid it's too advanced for me. That is specifically what I'm looking for advice on. The K2 superfree is intermediate to expert but can I handle them? Or will they strike fear in me as did the cloud d273?
- I never intended to bother demo'ing the cloud d2 but had few options (was holiday/busy) left at shop. That ski was not on my list. Also demo'd atomic affinity air. Very good fit for me and yet I'm longing for something more spectacular. I expect to keep advancing my skills and so I do want a ski I can grow into ... But NOT one that makes me feel out of control as did the cloud d2.


Thanks! - Bria
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Welcome to EpicSki  As a beginner it's important that you get started correctly and that means understanding the hierarchy of importance of ski gear.  At the top of the list is boots followed by bindings and then skis.  So, if you by skis first, you're approaching it backwards.  Boots are the means by which you communicate your intentions to the skis.  If the boots are too big, which is very common, your intention to turn right will not get transmitted to the ski until some time later, which could mean you hit the tree you were trying to avoid in the first place.   Boots that don't fit your feet correctly will be uncomfortable and cold.  So, rather than commenting on skis, I will recommend that you go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology.  Then check the "Who's Who" for a boot fitter near you.  Call and make an appointment to get fitted for boots appropriate for your skills and that fit your feet.

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It all worked out. I did end up buying (without demo'ing) the k2 superfree and brought them to Windham this weekend where I was fitted for new boots. The boots are a perfect fit and i'm sure are helping me as much, or more, as are the new skis. My former speed control issue is no longer an issue. Had I demo'd these skis, I absolutely would've chosen them. Was much relieved to discover that they're not too advanced for me. I skiied better in them and have more confidence now. Couldn't be happier.

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Glad that everything seems to have worked out well for you.  Have fun.

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