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Stowe Vt Questions

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Hi im new to and have a few questions about Stowe Vt, i have never been there and am going in the next two weeks.


1.) how is their snow ( i only ski in jersey so i never get good snow)


2.) how is their park ( diverse features)


3.) how are their front four trails ( hard? mogals?)


4.) any cliff drops or madjor obstacles in their glades? ( not alot of vids of stowe glades)


5.) how is the food restraunts


6.) night life? ( im going up with my schools ski club, so we wont b allowed to leave the resort,, but is their any night life like teen clubs their?)



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1. Stowe gets excellent snow... but we are in a dry spell. Things are groomed and fast right now, hopefully that will change soon.

2. Very, very good parks (4 of them, 32 features) and full half pipe.

3. Front four are no fun when conditions are as firm as they are right now. Well Liftline is fine, Upper Goat and Starr are in need of lots more snow to be skiable, National is bumped up and firm.

4. Yes, plenty. Watch any Meathead films video and you will see Stowe glades/backcountry.

5. The Spruce Peak lodge has the best 'mountain food' I've had anywhere except Yellowstone Club. There are a gazillion other restaurants in town.

6. Not much for the under 21 crowd, basically your best chance for 'action' will be with the group you are with... sorry.


Hope this helps.

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Welcome to EpicSki!  You can use the Tag (right of Post #1) as a shortcut to the EpicSki resorts page for Stowe.  There are a few reviews there that might be helpful.


Have fun!

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