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Anyone been to Ski Net Sports in LA?

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Posted this in the Boot Guys forum too and got the suggestion to post here too...


I live in San Diego and I'm in the Navy so I definitely want to see if other people have had experience with Claude at Ski Net Sports. I read a post on here about him, but it had the same quotes that he's got listed on his website, so I don't know the legitimacy of them. I certainly don't want to drive all the way up to LA and spend the time to get through a fitting to realize that that guy is bogus. Does anyone here actually have first hand experience with him or have heard overwhelmingly good reviews from people that have dealt with him? 

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Haven't used the guy, but the Yelp reviews I saw about him being "rude" swayed me. I don't tolerate rude. Where will you be skiing, and how often? I use Footloose in Mammoth. Some great things are you can 1) demo the boots before you buy them, and apply the demo price towards the purchase, and 2) have the boots tweaked after skiing them that day, so the issues are still fresh in your mind.


I did at one time go to one of the shops in Santa Monica and was put into a pair of boots that were 2 sizes too big. Surprising, I know! ;) Sorry I don't have more feedback about Claude. If you will mostly be skiing the local mountains and don't mind making trips north of L.A. then he might be worth the trip. In the meantime, I recommend you study the bootfit guides on this forum, which helped me immensely. I think it's always good to go into a purchase as educated as possible.

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Thanks for the help! I went on Yelp and it's either a glowing review or just the opposite.


I mainly ski at the local spots, but will certainly be taking some trips up to Mammoth this season.

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I checked Yelp again (I don't put a TON of credence into Yelp, but it can give a good gauge) and I see a lot of the negatives that were there two years ago have gone away. Interesting. It does sound like he knows what he's doing.


I guess it all depends on how soon you want the boots (can you wait til Mammoth) and if you're willing to find out what he's really like. I still personally prefer a fitter that I can access from the mountain easily. But that's a bit challenging in SoCal. (We're a USAF family, BTW. Taking advantage of Mammoth for as long as we can...they never seem to grant our PCS wish to Ogden, Utah and I fear Ohio will be next again! Retirement papers might drop if that's the case!)

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I was trying to get stationed up in Everett, WA just cause of the access to all the spots up in the PNW. It would also be awesome to get stationed over in Europe and get some time over there, but for skiing Everett is probably my best bet.

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I grew up in the Seattle area and miss it a ton! Outdoor actvities abound for sure. Good luck with your bootfitter search, and if you do visit Claude, post a report for sure!

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Claude did a great job on my boots.  I wouldn't call him rude so much as gruff.  But he knows what he's doing.

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