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I haven't been following EpicSki too closely this year, but I just noticed this is being put together.  I thought I'd offer a few thoughts:


1.  I noticed 3/27 is a planned date for possibly skiing Moonlight Basin.  There's a better deal at Liftopia ($49) than what's listed in the description of this forum.  You can find the deal here:


2.  I also inquired internally about setting up a group rate, though that Liftopia deal is so good I'm not sure I'll be able to set up anything better.


3.  Oh, did I mention I work at Moonlight?  If anyone has any specific questions about Moonlight, I probably have an answer.  I might be able to lend assistance with any general Big Sky questions.  Since I'm actually here on the ground, if anyone has any errands that need to be run locally, let me know - I can lend a hand.


4.  If anyone has Lodging questions, I'm fairly useless - I live here so I don't look for Lodging. I would imagine the best deal would be if a group of people got together and got a house, like something you can find on   My employee discount sucks for Lodging at Moonlight, so I can't help anyone out there - you'd be better off finding deals on our website.  


5.  The end of March is actually a great time for fly fishing.  If anyone was interested in staying in Ennis and fishing the Madison River - which is easier to fish that time of year compared to the Gallatin - I can get you up the back road from Ennis to Big Sky.


6.  People like to demo skis at things like this, so there's a few resources I'd recommend.  First, Moonlight actually has a decent demo fleet, especially for fat big mountain skis.  For reference, I've been skiing Rossi S7's all year and they're a great fit for our terrain.  Also, Gallatin Alpine Sports has a pretty good demo fleet and it's located in the Big Sky meadow village (8 miles below the Big Sky mountain village.)  In Bozeman, I recommend PH.D Skis or Chalet Sports.  


7.  Nolo - I remember you mentioned a few years ago you had a problem getting Moonlight to allow the EpicSki Academy to teach at our resort.  If that's still and issue or you'd like to do something at Moonlight, I can probably help with that.


I'm going to try to pay attention to this forum, but you'll probably get the quickest response if you PM me, that way I'll see it in my email.  


PS.  I take a picture of the snow dumping outside my office window right now, but I don't wanna make you that jealous...  everything is shaping up for some phenomenal spring skiing.