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Bandit X/Axis X/X Pro/11.20 Demo

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Ski Model: Bandit X 191/Axis X 188/Axis X Pro 188/11.20 190
Snow Conditions Used In: Steep firm pack (not ice), Softish bumps, crud
Your Ability: 8/9
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 30
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 40-80
Other Skis You Like: XScream Series, Ski Cross 66, Merlin 4 & 6, Snow Ranger, Salomon 1S Equipe 2nd Gen.(favorite pre-shape ski).
Your Height/Weight: 6' 4"/210

Demo'd these skis at Vail the other day, am looking for a replacement for my 195 XScream Series. Overall have really liked the Xscreams (as long as the snow is somewhat soft), but am looking for something with a little better edge grip. I took about 4 runs on each ski, skiing the same lines each run in bumps, crusty crud (back bowls) and steep firm pack. Was hoping to also try the G3, but ran out of time (will try another day). I ski relatively agressive (though not an x-racer), mostly off piste, some bumps, and like ripping an occasional groomer. Have some 194 Super Mountains for powder days, but would like to replace these too (tip gets unstable at speed), maybe next year. Also have a Dynastar Ski Cross 66 192 for hard pack carving days (early season), great edge grip, much stiffer than XScream.

Here's my impressions:

Bandit X 191: Though I haven't cared for many Rossi's in the past, I really liked this ski. Good edge grip, good in bumps and crud, reasonably stable at speed. Slightly stiffer than the XScream, and inbetween the Axis X and X Pro. Damp, but also had a fair amount of kick to it out of turns. Equally well versed at short and long turns, best at medium radius turns. Seems to like a wider stance than the other skis. Overall 2nd favorite ski of the day.

Atomic 11.20: Least favorite ski, I suspect a poor tune job. Did the finger nail test on all skis, this one took of very little nail, and was in need of a tune. Not sure of edge bevel, if had been tuned, not sure if they left a 1/3 edge. Ok in the bumps, seemed to have the stiffest tail of all the skis. Would'nt hook up on the groomed hard pack (which really suprised me considering what I've heard about this ski, again suspect poor tune). Stable at speed, did'nt like short turns (tune?, length?). Very good in crud.

Axis X: Very fun ski...as long as I kept the speed down. Could really overpower this ski at speed. Agree with gonzostike's comments (as compared to the Xscream in his 1/6/02 review). Slightly softer than XScream, not very stable at speed, great short turns, best in the bumps (by far), edge grip same, or slightly less than XScream. Probably a better ski for someone 180lbs or less.

Axix X Pro: By far my favorite (still need to try the G3 though). Great edge hold, very stable at speed, cranks short turns with tons of energy and rebound, suprisingly good in the bumps for it's stiffness (the abvantage of going down to a 188 I guess) and great in crud, very little tip deflection. This ski is just what I'm looking for, could'nt find any faults with it, very predictable.

G3 191: Stay tuned. Demod the G31 in a 193 last year, which I liked...we'll see how the G3 compares.

Oh, just remembered that three weeks ago I also demod the Stormrider II in a 184 (had an orangish top skin, 74mm waist, 104 tip?, 90 something tail). Much different conditions, very hard packed (tough not true ice) and some sharp-edged knarly little bumps. Very, Very damp ski (almost no life to it), quite stiff (similar to the 11.20), difficult in bumps, but held a super strong edge on the hardpack, amazing grip for a 74mm waist, never let go on me once. Almost felt as if it needed to be de-tuned a bit, very grabby. Was'nt the ski for me.

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Evco, excellent review and most helpful. I've been going back and forth between the Axis X and Bandit X for the past several days. Tonight, I pulled the trigger on the Bandit X.

Your review provided added comfort that I made the right decision. I'm 6ft, 195 lbs. and a level 7/8 skier. I mostly ski the blue and black groomed runs (80%) and moguls, powder and bowls (20%).

I'm leaving for Lake Tahoe in a few weeks and will post my thoughts on the Bandit X.

Thanks again for an excellent review.

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Glad the review helped. Looked all over for some G3 191's to demo this weekend with no luck. Going for the Axis Pros tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the Bandit X, I could have easily lived with that ski too.
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I've mentioned this before here. I demoed the axis x-pro in a 188 and 194? and they were very different. You might try the longer one if you can before buying, I really prefered it.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by NWJohngalt:
I've mentioned this before here. I demoed the axis x-pro in a 188 and 194? and they were very different. You might try the longer one if you can before buying, I really prefered it.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


Tried to find some 195's to demo, but no luck, and learned my lesson a few times about buying before demoing. Tough to find the longer sizes to demo these days. My goal was to find a stiffer ski than the XScream, but also shorter, and think I have found the one for me.

Appreciate the feedback.
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Evco, before you buy your new skis, check out this web site http://www.untracked.com. I saved over $160 [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]on my purchase of skis and bindings.

Good luck.

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$503 to your door from t-p

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Hoping to land for around $500 localy, will find out tomorrow. If not, will check these sources.

NWJ - What/Who's t-p?

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Howdy everyone - finally a topic I think I have something to add to. I bought a pair of single x's this year after demo-ing and continue to be so impressed by them. There isn't anything they're bad at...or so I've seen so far. They crank off slalom turns that I'd love to take into a course sometime, and they're absolutely steady at speeds that I'm frightened of. In other words I bail out before the skis do. Bumps...they're great...get in the rhythm and they don't flinch. I've skii'ed 'em in powder and crud and they're great there too. You can't go wrong with these skis. They do everything well...given medium hard to soft race conditions I'd run slalom and GS gates in 'em in a sec. They even held really well on ice, but it was west coast "ice" so I can't really speak for the Vermont folks. These are the best skis I've ever been on. I've owned the Merlin 6's, Dynastar G9's, and Rossi 7sk's...I love these skis!

I did try the 11.20's...a really burly ski...tons of life but I had a hard time bending them. I'm 5'10 and about 175 or so...

Peace, and pray for snow!

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