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Hats off to Starthaus

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Just wanted to give a icon14.gif to the Starthaus crew and especially Philpug.  I ordered some ski's and bindings online (just ordered the bindings 2 days ago) and they had them mounted up and ready for me to pickup on my arrival in Tahoe today.  Waxed and ready to go with some foam material to separate the bases and very nice Starthaus velcro straps.


I'm not trying to specifically toot the horn of Starthaus, but thought they deserve it.  I chatted with Phil for several minutes as he verified the mount with my boots and he was nice enough to introduce me to Sierra Jim as well.  Jim asked me where I'm from and offered his condolenceswink.gifsmile.gif.


I also had 3 or 4 other shop employees ask if they could help me as I wandered around the store and they seemed genuinely interested in helping me.


Cashier was hot BTWbiggrin.gif (save me the sexist comments as I know I deserve it).


I've interacted with probably 70 different people in person from this board and it's been a fantastic experience in almost every case.  My favorite part of this board by faricon14.gif

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Thanks so much for the post, we try to offer the best customer service possible. And as to the hot cashier, Phil has been lookin' pretty good lately...

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