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Rossignol, T Power 9X

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Ski Make:Rossignol
Ski Model:T Power 9X (full bore GS race ski)
Ski Length:181 cm
Snow Conditions Used In:Eastern Loud Powder
Number of Days Used:8
Your Ability:8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:30
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:50
Other Skis You Like:anything Rossi!
Your Height/Weight:5’9”, 190 lbs
Comments: I have the Rossi lifter plate bindings. These skis love hard snow, the firmer the better. They leave amazing trenches. Roll them over, ride the edge and hang on. They are extremely fast. I haven’t seen things go by this fast, ever. I haven’t had them up to full speed. They can take all you give. I was able to make short quick turn in the steeps because of the length. I am quite surprised how stable they are at high speed. No such thing as just a joy ride on these babies. You must drive them the entire time. You get a little lazy and you will get thrown off. Just like a bronco ride. I love them. Keep them sharp, 1/1 degree bevel. If they get dull you don’t have much edge to help you like a 210 cm from the days of old. Wall to wall fun.
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Jim -

I have the Power-T Viper X in a 181 cm. I bought for moguls & cruiser runs. They have Axial 140 Race bindings. They are a kick in the butt to ski. If I were still in Oregon skiing on harder snow I would have been tempted to get the 9X instead.

One thing I found about the ski is it is extremely sensitive to forward/backward adjustments in weight. I need to ski them much more centered than other Rossi's I've owned needing more finesse when applying weight to the tip & tails. Did you find the same in the 9X?

Also, exactly which model binding did you mount on your 9X's?
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Oh, yeah, you get in the back seat and you go straight FAST. I have heel lifts to help with the fore/aft balance. There isn't much back there for support. I haven't found my self too far forward. I keep throwing my upper body into the turn and hold on. I use lots of ankle to really use the lifter and get on the edge.

I have the Axial 120 plate demo/rental set up. My release is set at 7.5, no problems, no pre-release.

I picked the package up from an on mountain rep. He didn't want to teach on them all day. They had 15 runs on them before I bought them. I think he left some turns in them.
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What type of axial binding should be put on the new Viper X PPS or the new 9X PPS. T-Plate or the standard 140 axial?

Since the plate is already incorporated in the ski should you just go with standard binding.
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I went through this discussion with numerous shops & even an e-mail from Rossignol. The official line is go with the standard Axial 120 or 140 (depending on the DIN range you need) with the Viper X PPS. That is what I did on mine and I'm extremely happy. For the most part the T-Plate is redundant with the Power-T plate and will lessen the feedback you feel from the ski (it will also create an very high lift from the ski, something that isn't necessarily wanted if you are using the ski for moguls & crud).

PS - The more I ski on the Viper X PPS the more impressed I am with it.
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