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I have two pairs of Nordica SLRs [2008-9 model, black graphics, VIST WC plates]. One of them is perfectly drilled and I love!


The second pair I bought used, just because I liked the first one so much - BUT there is a small problem: it had been drilled for slightly larger boots, so the toe holes are about 4-5 mm forward w.r.t. my "ideal" mounting position. I wasn't sure if this would make much difference, but for whatever reason, could be just different flex or wear-and-tear, this second pair feels less balanced than the first one. So, I have some questions:


1. Does it make any sense - just 5 mm off on an SL ski? Then I have heard that these skis have a "narrow" sweet spot - I am really feeling that difference?


2. If so, what are my options:

(a) I can't re-drill at 4 to 5 mm distance - can I? The holes would coalesce, practically. Or, is there any trick that I don't know?

(b) I can move the plate, say 1 cm forward and then move the binding 1.5 cm back to get an effective 5 mm back, but moving the plate - will this not change the flex too much?

(c) I can mount a Marker Piston WC plate - I even have one at hand. I believe that the hole pattern differs enough, that it is doable.

(d) I wish I could find a different VIST WC plate - either blank or drilled for 305 mm - but I just don't see any such. Does anyone sell them?

(e) Sell the skis and forget it. They are getting old, indeed :-)


Yeah, I agree that I am asking kind of irrelevant question here, but still any useful advice is appreciated. Thanks!