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Gonzo, you wrote:
"I give very strong recommendations for this ski, the regular Axis and the Axis X Pro."

I'm 5'4", 155 lbs.(can't avoid chicken wings and beer), an intermediate coming off 12 yr old K2 5500 all mtns. Just demo'd '02 K2 Escape 5500 series 181cm.
I absolutely tore these up and tried stupid stuff which I actually pulled off.
The rep said the next model up was the Mod x, which I took to be the Axis X.
When I came back to try the Mod X, they were gone. (Found out later K2 offers the Axis as the next model up.)

My question after reading your review of the Axis X, based on my desecration of the 5500, what's the next step for me,
Axis in 181 or 174?
or... Axis X in 174?
Axis X Pro's are definitely out.

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the Axis replaced the Mod 7/8
the Axis X replaced the Mod X
the Axis X Pro replaced the Mod X Pro

when I say "replaced," I mean changed to. The only difference is that K2 dropped the little piezoelectric damping mech, that little thing that would light up, because they found the Mod technology made the piezo mech redundant.

Folks have told me the Axis X is a bit more energetic than the Mod X was. I demo'd the Mod X last year and bought the Axis X this year, and I find a wee difference -- but that might be me learning the ski better.

From the 5500, the next ski is the Axis (w/o the X) but it's not much of a jump up. If you want more energy in the ski and more stability at speed, try the Axis X. 174 is a good start point, but I don't weigh but 5 lbs more than you and I ski the 181 easily.
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GearDirect.com is having a great price on the Axis right now. The lowest I've seen anywhere.
I have the Mod 7/8 in 174 and can't say enough of it. Love to demo the Axis X some day this season to see the differences.

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I recently demo'd a pair of the Axis X Pros and hated them. Two weeks ago, I demo'd the Axis X's and loved them.
They were just too plain stiff. I am a former disabled ski racer, and I am used to stiff skis, but for some reason, the Pro's were just too harsh--especially in bumps.
Next paycheck, I think I'm gonna go get me a pair of Axis X's if I can find my size.
Peace Y'all
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Ski Make: K2
Ski Model: Axis X
Ski Length: 181
Snow Conditions Used In: Pow, Crud, Pow Bumps, Hard Pack
Number of Days Used: 35^
Your Ability: Level 8/9
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30
Other Skis You Like: Atomic Beta Race 9.20 & Bandit XXX
Your Height/Weight: 5'8"/ 200 lbs

Just got back from Fernie and after demoing the Stomps got back on my Axis X and had a ball.

Really deep Pow:

The ski was much better that I expected. It had Decent float and turned very easy. Loved it in the pow.

Really Steep with Ice underneath:

The ski held it's edge and did not blow out as I was hop turning down the face of the slope. In fact the slope gave way before the ski.


Heck loved it. My bump skiing has improved in this ski. Quick, responsive and forgiving when I got in the back seat.


Everyone has been telling me that I am too heavy for the Axis X and I need the Pro. Well the Axis X plowed right through the crud good enough. I imagine the the Pro does a better job but at what expense. Effort? or Bump performance? Don't know.

Packed powder groomers:

I had the edges tuned just before the trip and I was making screaming railed arcs. Groomers can be fun.

Well that's the update. The more I ski them the more I love them. Won't go anywere with out them now. I just feel secure and in control.

My $.02


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Like the review.
I'm on the Pro, and I think the only place where they're not excellent is in the bumps, cause it does take a bit more effort.

Keep enjoying them!

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I got back from keystone feb.10th but have been sick & in hospital so this is a little late but here goes.skied the axis x with marker 1200 piston 181cm I am 5'10 190 # level 7-8 skier according to instructor I took a mountain master class with.I have skied the xscream series & bandit x the last couple of years but I bought the axis x & the pro.the axis x is a versatile ski, good in bumps powder whatever ,lay these on edge & they will carve railroad tracks with ease the more you flex them the tighter they will turn great in trees,powder, ect.but it is hard to find what these skis want,I do not ski in the back seat that has never been a problem as I like a ski you have to stay after & ontop of no lazy edge changes ect.the problem I have with the axis x is you have to stay centered even landing jumps ect hard to do but when you do stay centered they work great but they don't like forward pressure until the turn is well developed as for a speed limit these skis are nervous at speed even tipped on a slight edge.with the piston turned off they carve easy & have a good kick coming out of a turn with the piston on they need more speed to carve & it kills the rebound from the turn but they never get real stable at speed.now for the pros this ski is awsome they are like cruise missles on auto pilot they also will carve but require a little more speed to make short turns on groomed runs they are super stable at any speed ,landing jumps,busting thru crud float thru powder alltho we had no deep powder to try the little bit we had was fun.these are stupid fast big mountain skis not for everyone but I think they are great the only drawback is moguls they are not as forgiving as the axis x in moguls not even close but they far outperform the axis x everywere else, after skiing both of these I think a ski in between them would be perfect,maybe the 01/02 bandit x but for now axis x pro is my ski of choice.bteddy
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bteddy - I'm willing to bet that if you were lighter in weight, say 40 lbs lighter, you would think the Axis X the better all around ski.

it certainly has excellent powder float, great crud busting, great tracking, awesome carving of all radius turns, fun kick out of turns if you pressure your big toe as you pass the turn's apex, fantastic mogul manners, and no tangible speed limit for me at 160 lbs, 5'10"... and I ski fast 75% of the time.

I would have guessed you'd like the Pro better at your weight.
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I't was a hard decision witch ski to buy I have always liked k2 skis I talked to several dealers & even some helpfull guys at k2 I think what it comes down to is how much you weigh & how aggresive you ski from what I found if I skied slower & easier the axis x would work fine but it is still a hard ski to find & stay in the sweet spot when you do it cruises but it is stange to me to have a ski so sensitive that you have to work to stay centered to make the ski work for you.I have never had a problem figuring out what a ski needed & adapting but this is a strange case for me I think what it comes down to is I like to drive the ski & having to stay centered is not something I'm comfortable with or like,they both carve & are quick edge to edge for a 70 mm waist but with the pro you can get after it keep forward pressure & rip it is so stable it is unreal like I said this ski is stupid fast I can't believe anyone would need a pro longer than 181cm unless they were way bigger than me , but you do give up an awfull lot when it comes to moguls so much so I would suggest a seperate ski for them dosen't everyone need three pairs of skis.I don't know how they would do at your weight but if you get a chance try the pro just for grins, I still think a ski in between these would be the ticket.happy skiing bteddy
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by bteddy:
...I think what it comes down to is how much you weigh & how aggresive you ski from what I found if I skied slower & easier the axis x would work fine but it is still a hard ski to find & stay in the sweet spot... bteddy<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yep, you said it!
I recently went from a ModX 188 to an Atomic 10.20 198. I don't doubt that many of you can ski the ModX better than I can ski my favorite ski. I'm 6'2" and 200 and ski very aggressively about 75 times a year.

I have absolutely NO PROBLEM getting edge grip anywhere on the mountain with my Atomics, but could only get decent grip with the ModX when the snow conditions were just right, and if I kept the G-forces down in the midst of a turn.

Unfortunately, I ski on a very challenging mountain (Alpental, WA) and I can't count on "just the right conditions" so I have to count on a ski with horsepower.

Someone may say that my technique may not be correct or whatever, and I'm OK with that, but when I'm going down the most challenging part of the mountain I don't want to have to hold my tongue just right, or do math calculations or whatever, I just want the dang things to grip when I need it and not to wimp out if I go too fast.

Having said that, I do think the ModX pro is up to the challenge, but don't care for the soft tail.

There... My rant is finished. (deep breath, sigh... I'm OK now)
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I picked up a pair of used Axis X 181s recently, and have been able to ski on them once. The ride was very smooth, and I felt very comfortable at all speeds on different level groomers, but did a little worse than usual when I tried skiing bumps (which I am just getting into and by no means have mastered). I'm 6'2", 185 lb, and have also tried some different skis in 170 and 162 lengths, and they are easier to turn, but I've seen people post a lot of positive comments about the Axis X skis, and even though they're older technology now I figure they're a solid ski, and if I just focus on good technique I'll adjust to them eventually and they'll be a good all mountain ski for me. (Live on east coast but get out to CA and CO occasionally, hopefully more often now that I've really been bitten by the ski bug.) If I stick with it and do progress then I can justify buying a new pair of skis. At the end of the season, of course.  ;-)

As I've been looking around for info on these skis I remembered the Internet archive, and thought I'd have a look on their "wayback machine" and see if the old K2 web sites were available. If you're not familiar with the Internet archive there's more info available here, and here are some links specific to K2 skis...




( The 2nd and 3rd links may take a few seconds to load as they're pulled up from the archive ... be patient. )

Anyway, kinda cool to go back in time and poke around. Thought some of you might find that interesting if you weren't aware of it already.

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8 year bump.......new record I think.

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 I started reading the thread thinking did K2 come back out with this ski, and why the hell was UL on a 181!!!
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I can always count on Epic to have a completely irrelevant, old thread on the top of the page.
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Tell you what, though:  Epic became a lot duller (and somewhat 'corporate feeling'-like going from a a cool, mixed cuisine local favorite restaurant to a Ruby Tuesday's) when Uncle Crud/ Gonzostrike (and the many characters like him) were banished way back when. 
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