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Head World Cup M103

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First, thanks to Mike_m, GeoffD, and Spinheli for suggesting I give Head a try. After trying on boots for two years, I finally found the one for me. This boot is wider in the mid and fore foot and 8% softer in flex than the race boot (WC N99), but similar heel pocket. It has two flex positions, I didn't try the softer position because I was looking for a replacement for my Lange XZero9. The flex is only slightly softer than my old Lange. Quality of flex, I think biomechanics is the term, is about the same, but this this boot has a thicker liner and is effortless to get in and out of.

Among other boots I tried were Salomon XWave 10, Technica Icon Carbon, and Atomic 10.50. Briefly, the Salomon had a great fit for my foot but wasn't stiff enough for my style of skiing. The Head has a deeper heel pocket and a stiffer liner. In retrospect, the softness of the Salomon liner (and Technica too) gives it that initial cushy-comfort feeling. The Technica had the stiffness I was looking for but still slightly narrow on some parts of my foot. Because of its soft liner, it probably would have broken in. The Head was hundreds of $ cheaper. The Atomic had the shape of my foot, but the biomechanics are inferior to the above mentioned boots (shell doesn't deform as well when flexed) but a good boot too.

On the snow, the boot is so perfect for me, there was no break in time. It is the first boot where I can completely relax my toes. Much of this might be attributed to the well done custom foot bed. I like the relatively stiff forward flex for pressuring the shovel into the turn. Can't say if the response is as good as Lange, need more time to evaluate. All the marketing hype on the Head boots is on the "dynamic responsive" buckles. I don't know what that means but the buckles didn't particularly impress me.

I'm not sure what, if any good, a boot review is because it is so individual, but I wouldn't have tried the Head if I hadn't read reviews on epic-ski. My advise, the best boot fitter in the world won't try to put you in a brand they don't sell, so go to more than one shop if you are not sure you have found the one. Don't be afraid to walk, even if you made them spend time on you.

I bought my boots at California Ski on Gilman in Berkeley. It was my first purchase at this shop and highly recommend, especially for the foot bed.
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The Dynamic Response buckels are the Spring-loaded buckles that are designed to have some give when the buckles are cranked down tight. You might not the notice the buckle stretch, the buckles springs are pretty stiff.
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